Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Go West, young man

No sooner does the third season box set of The Wild, Wild West arrive at Rancho Yesteryear when TVShowsOnDVD.com proudly announces that the fourth and final season of the cult espionage Western will be released to DVD March 18th. The details are still sketchy at this time, but several of the denizens at the Home Theater Forum are curious as to whether the final set will contain the two reunion TV-movies, The Wild, Wild West Revisited (1979) and More Wild, Wild West (1980). (One HTF wag cracked that the two reunion movies will only be available when CBS-Paramount inevitably releases The Complete Wild, Wild West—a box set containing all four seasons…and I’ll bet dollars to donuts he’s not too far from the truth.) Nevertheless, it’s nice to see the studio completing a series (*cough* Have Gun, Will Travel *cough*) so I’ll keep the nitpicking to a minimum.

Last week, I announced a 40% off special that would take place online at VCI Entertainment’s website and that all you had to do was enter a special discount code and you’d be in like Flynn. Unfortunately, many individuals attempted this feat and found themselves thoroughly rebuffed. In the Balcony’s Laughing Gravy dashed off some e-mails to some VCI VIP’s to find out the skinny and learned that in the process of renovating their website, there was a glitch in the system that informed potential purchasers (with visions of 40% off in their heads) the coupon had expired. Not to worry: VCI will make good on any purchases affected by the snafu and is also redeeming itself with a 50% off sale now in progress until December 2, 2007. Several of the Balconeers have used the code and have pronounced it copasetic, so if you want to buy some primo VCI merchandise, just enter XDNIVM when you’re ready to complete your order. The coupon will expire December 2 at 11:59 CDT. Shop til’ you drop!

Because I made a complete pig of myself during DeepDiscount.com’s semi-annual 20% sale (which not only netted me the Wild, Wild West set but also The Doris Day Show: Season 5, Mission: Impossible: Season 3, Tales of Tomorrow: Volume 3 and Man With a Camera: The Complete Collection), I will not be participating in the big VCI deal—in fact, the influx of DVDs added to the dusty Thrilling Days of Yesteryear archives has gradually slowed down to a trickle, what with the move and all. However, I have pre-ordered Gomer Pyle, USMC: The Third Season and found the first season of Peter Gunn available on Region 2 at Amazon.co.uk for £13.59 (about 65% off). The second season is also available but I think I can wait for that one (the price is £39.99, which is what the first season cost when it was released). Why fight it—A&E seems to have abandoned their Gunn releases…and they couldn’t even finish the first season (Sets 1 and 2 combined have thirty-two episodes, six shy of the season total).

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