Sunday, November 4, 2007

It’s great just to be nominated…

…however, it’s not me—and by the way, you may thank me later for allowing you that sigh of relief. No, the 2007 Weblog Awards has placed that Self-Styled Siren her ownself, Campaspe, on its list of nominees for Best Culture Blog.

The Weblog Awards are plenty big stuff, Kemosabe—it’s like playing in the “show.” Mink keyboards, all the Reese’s Pieces you can eat, servants to wait on you hand and foot—it’s the life, as Rush Gook would say. Wilder knows this blog won’t ever amount to anything, but I’d sure like to see one of its supporters/friends crash the big time.

It may be a bit late to turn the tide on this one, because as of this writing, a weblog calling itself Libertas is currently running away with this category (with The Cool Hunter a distant second and USA Today’s Pop Candy blog a close third). I may be just a simple, humble country lawyer, but any blog that uses the oxymoron “conservative thought” in its header really doesn’t deserve to win such a prestigious award (the Michelle Malkin and Fox Noise Channel links should also tip you off that there’s no conservatism to be found here—just sleepless-night, crazy-as-a-shithouse-rat right-wing nuttery), so I’m asking you to pool a few resources (tell your friends…tell your neighbors…tell your neighbors’ friends!) and vote early and often (as we say in West Virginia) for Campaspe’s site. The Awards are democratic to the point where they’ll let you vote once every 24 hours from now until November 8th. Don’t just do it for the Siren…do it for the children. For God’s sake, won’t someone think of the children?

Also, in the Funniest Blog category, Jon Swift has again been nominated a second time—and since he was kind enough to link to yours truly for a funny post during the OFC Top 100 Movies controversy, you should cast your votes for him as well. (Unfortunately, I’m already committed to Sadly, No!—but only because a) I’ve known Seb a lot longer, and b) he holds the mortgage on our house.)

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