Thursday, November 15, 2007

“Kimble!” has announced that CBS/Paramount hasn’t abandoned plans for more releases of The Fugitive (well…not as of this posting, anyway)—though the company insists on doing it via the loathsome “split season” method. The Fugitive: Season 1, Volume 2 will hit the streets February 26, 2008—and here’s a peek at the box art for the show’s fans (like me).

Toby at INNER TOOB had an interesting heads-up that the BBC has tentative plans to adapt the classic fantasy sitcom Bewitched for British audiences by commissioning a pilot script from writer Paul Mendelson. Mendelson has had experience in fantasy premises before; he’s the creator of the inexplicably popular My Hero series which some of you may have seen on public television from time to time. (I can only speculate that the reason it made it to this side of the pond was that someone thought viewers would embrace it in their bosoms in the same fashion as the cult comedy Red Dwarf.) Toby also mentions that Mendelson had a hand in the creation of May to December, a sitcom that made the rounds on GPTV a good many years back, which starred Anton Rodgers as a solicitor who falls in love with a woman half his age. The curious thing about this show was that the woman—Zoe Angell—was played by Eve Matheson for the first two series, and then was replaced by Lesley Dunlop for the last three. (So Mendelson won’t have any problems in the "two Darrins" area, as you can see.)

Meanwhile, former Will & Grace writer-producer Adam Barr is going to bring the Channel 4 cult comedy series Spaced to these shores in an American version. I wrote about this show back in my Salon period, and I just want to say for the record that this idea—should it ultimately bear fruit—is a really, really, really, really bad one. The evil thing about this is that no one told Spaced creator Edgar Wright about this deal, nor stars Simon (Shaun of the Dead) Pegg (who also co-created) and Jessica Stevenson-Hynes—they ended up hearing about it in the press just like everyone else.

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