Friday, November 23, 2007

Martian, martian, martian has cover art for both the fifth-and-final season of Family Affair and Volume 2 of the Color Honeymooners, both which will be released on DVD via MPI Home Video on February 26, 2008. (By the way, I reported in a previous post that TVShows had been mum on the Honeymooners release, but in fact they did mention it in this post on their website back in October. I regret the error.)

They also have an interesting article on the fate of the missing third season release of My Favorite Martian, which Rhino Home Video was originally supposed to have released in August 2005…and then was removed…and was back on the radar again…and finally abandoned by Rhino. Jack Chertok Productions, who owns the rights to Martian, apparently got tired of all the teasing and instead made plans with an Australian outfit called Umbrella Entertainment to release the third and last (in color!) of the fondly-remembered fantasy sitcom.

If you’re a fan of Martian—like I am—this is encouraging news because not only am I a fan but I’m a completist, and the fact that the remaining thirty-two color episodes were unavailable for so long frustrated me to no end. The good thing about the Umbrella release is that it is a region-free, NTSC DVD set so you don’t have to have a region-free DVD player.

The bad news…the price on this set is $69.99, Australian. (Which works out to about $62.78 in American dinero, assuming the dollar doesn’t tank even further.) That’s a pretty steep price tag for this six-disc set…and the representative from Chertok Productions promises that it’s worth it for the extras alone, but with my financial situation being what it is at the present time there’s no way I could pony up that much scratch for a set that under normal circumstances I’d bite the bullet for.

Sooner or later, the Martian set will find its way to the new House of Yesteryear, though it looks like I may have to donate an organ to get the darn thing. But let me leave this post on a positive note: the Chertok rep also mentions that the next DVD project is a boxed set of the thought-to-be-lost fantasy sitcom My Living Doll, starring Robert Cummings and Julie Newmar.

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