Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The last time I saw Paris

TVShowsOnDVD.com comes out of the gate this morning with great news for Jay the Bug Man (our exterminator here at Castle Yesteryear) and other Mission: Impossible fans—season four is coming out on May 13, courtesy of the fine folks at CBS-Paramount. This is the season that saw the departures of both Martin Landau (Rollin Hand) and Barbara Bain (Cinnamon Carter); Hand, the master-of-disguise, was replaced by a character named Paris (whether that was his first or last name was never explained) that was portrayed by the recently out-of-work (his Vulcan gig on Star Trek was cancelled) Leonard Nimoy. I’m glad to hear that MI is selling well enough to warrant additional season releases; I’m a bit behind in my repeats but I hope to rectify that situation once things calm down a bit around here.

CBS-Paramount has also announced the upcoming release of the first season of the sci-fi cult series The Invaders, which had an unfortunately brief run on ABC-TV from 1967-68. Invaders has already seen a Region 2 release that I picked up on sale from Amazon.co.uk last year, but for those without access to a region-free player it’s reassuring to hear that its Region 1 debut is not too far off in the future (street date: May 6). The release will contain the first seventeen episodes from the 1967 half-season, and at the risk of getting into a dust-up with any fans I've always preferred the first season and felt the show took a wrong turn in its sophomore year when it tweaked the show to add the character of Edgar Scoville (Kent Smith) to assist the protagonist, David Vincent (played by Roy Thinnes). Anyhoo, to those of you who have been patiently waiting for them to land, The Invaders are on their way…

One more announcement from TVShowsOnDVD.com to gladden the hearts of classic television fans: VCI Entertainment has posted on their website news of the arrival of Burke’s Law: Season 1, Volume 1 March 4th…including a pair of nifty “previews” it’s worth your while to check out. Laughing Gravy, Heap Big Ticket Taker at In the Balcony, informed me a few days ago that VCI has assigned him the arduous task of compiling some liner notes for the first release, which will feature the first sixteen episodes of Season Numero Uno. (And yes, Toby, I told Gravy about your Burke’s Law theorem and he says he’ll run it past the VCI people…as soon as he can convince them of your sanity.)

TVShowsOnDVD.com was also nice to enough to reassure concerned Perry Mason fans (we know who we are) that CBS-Paramount’s upcoming 50th Anniversary release doesn’t necessarily mean the death knell for further DVD releases of the venerable legal series. According to them, “The 50th Anniversary DVD is simply a great way to experience some of the most memorable episodes from the groundbreaking series and rich bonus materials.” I don’t know about you, but I plan to hold them to that.

Finally, in a follow-up to yesterday’s rant about being screwed in a big way re: the Umbrella Entertainment release of My Favorite Martian: The Complete Third Season, Chertok Television’s Peter Greenwood has sent me an e-mail apologizing for this turn of events and he swears he knew nothing about the Amazon release (which, it would now appear, is available from Barnes & Ignoble as well). The speculation among Pete and some other members of the Home Theater Forum (including the “Master of His Public Domain,” BobH) is that Amazon apparently did some sort of bulk buy (and this has been to known to happen in the past) from Umbrella to sell off the remainders here in the U.S. (I’m surprised that Martian didn’t sell that well, seeing how Bill Bixby is practically a national icon among the Aussies.) Greenwood says that if such a deal was cut, you better strike while the iron is hot because the DVD set’s first run was a limited edition. While “skepticism” has always been my middle name (my parents spelled it “gskepticism”—the “g” is silent) I’m going to take Peter’s word for this…particularly since he promised to send me a nice gift, like a commemorative Ray Walston set of Martian antennae. (Hey—I can’t be bought…but I can be rented.) For BobH and the rest of the HTF crowd, I hope you score on the lower price on these sets…but I’m still not gonna lend you my Region 2 Peter Gunn DVDs.


Toby said...

Convincing them about my sanity? Yeah... good luck with that! LOL

I don't even buy the argument!

Bill Crider said...

Dang. I thought this was going to be a Paris Hilton post.

Matt Hinrichs said...

Cool - we've been watching Mission: Impossible season 3 and wondering why Martin Landau and Barbara Bain were so stupid to leave the show.