Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tales of Yesteryear Clutter…

As I type and post this, I’m starting another auction on eBay in my never-ending battle to rid myself of all the excess possessions I’ve collected over the years—the emphasis this time around is books, of which I’ve added nearly 130 more to the ones I’ve previously posted. (Most of them are movie-oriented, so I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a call from Stacia’s better half pretty soon.) There are also a few other odds and ends, and while I’m never too proud to accept charity you’re welcome to skate on over and see if there’s anything you can use.

One of the oddities I’ve posted is a collection of Three Stooges Journal bulletins that I managed to squirrel away all these years; the Journal being the once renowned newsletter of the Three Stooges Fan Club, an organization run by individuals who really cared about preserving the legacy of the knockabout trio as opposed to the people who took over the franchise to make a pile of money. (I will not sully this blog by mentioning their names *cough* Comedy III *cough* but they know who are they are.) The issue shown in the picture is of particular interest because it features a review of the 1951 George O’Brien western Gold Raiders (a B-western in which Moe, Larry and Shemp play O’Brien’s sidekicks) written by…well, modesty forbids me from mentioning his name but it’s none other than your humble narrator. This may very well be the first thing I ever had published outside of my high school newspaper, and I would love to say that I was handsomely rewarded for this privilege…but, of course, that would be a bold-faced lie. If you’re interested in reading it, it’s available here, but keep in mind that this was written in my novice days as a hack writer (I’m much older now, and a far more accomplished hack) and I was very kind to the movie only because I managed to track down a crappy VHS copy. It’s since been released on DVD, and when I caught it again a few months ago I was a bit ashamed that I was so effusive in my praise. I thought, “Well, maybe the review has vanished in the mists of time”—until I located this on the Internets. (If you look at this list of authors, you’ll see I’m not the only one who cut his teeth on this august publication—Aaron Neathery of The Third Banana, serials expert Buck Rainey, film historian Jim Neibaur and Paul Gierucki are just a few of the individuals who not only contributed articles, but are far better known and respected than I.)

You might also notice on some of the descriptions of the items that I’m selling that I’ve sort of channeled my inner Henry Morgan. (Here’s a good example, and I do not exaggerate when I say this is the dumbest Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten.) Most of the snarkier descriptions were written at the end, when I get sort of impatient with all the work that goes into writing these doggone things and I’d rather be doing something else. I’ve actually some success in selling certain items by poking fun at it, so I guess Henry knew what he was talking about.
Okay, enough of this self-aggrandizement, as my friend Elisson might describe it. I’ll try to have something of substance up tomorrow, I promise.


Sam said...

Yeah, we I bet that you won't get rid of anything without coming to your friends first! THE FEUD IS ON AGAIN, JED!

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

What my friend Mr. Johnson is referring to is the fact that I peddled my never-been-opened DVD copy of Space Ghost and Dino Boy on eBay without allowing him the opportunity to purchase it from me. For this, I am truly, truly sorry...because I'll definitely be smoking a turd in Hell for the rest of eternity.

Oh, well...if the feud is back on, let me put my Official Fred Allen Clothespin on my nose..."Sam was born ignorant and he's been losing ground ever since..."