Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bub-bles in the wine

Back in February of this year, TVShowsOnDVD.com announced that CBS/Paramount was planning to release the first of what (well, we were hoping anyway) would probably be a lengthy set of split-season releases of the classic television comedy My Three Sons. No sooner had individuals at the Home Theater Forum gathered together to discuss (read: bitch) what would appear to be an above-average SRP when CBS/Paramount yanked the release off the schedule.

Good news, everyone! My Three Sons is back on the schedule in this announcement, scheduled for a September 30th street date. Growing up as a kidlet, the only episodes of Sons that were syndicated were the Robbie-Chip-Ernie years, so I never learned (until Nick at Nite reran the 1960-65 installments) that Steve Douglas (MacMurray) had another son, Mike (Tim Considine, although he did appear in the first episode of the 1965-66 season, which focused on his wedding)…much less a housekeeper in the mold of William Frawley (as “Bub”). The HTF folks still continue their furious Sons debate, but I’ll state for the record that the hefty price tag for what still amounts to a split season won’t scare me off: I like My Three Sons and am anxious to add it to my collection (I also own the entire series’ run thanks to my friendly neighborhood “root-pegger” though.)

In other TVShowsOnDVD.com news, the fifth season of Mission: Impossible has been green lighted for an October 7th release; this is very encouraging news (certainly for Jay the Bug Man) that the studio might actually finish this series out (it ran for seven seasons between 1966-73). But the big herald of trumpets is being reserved for the news that The Beverly Hillbillies is finally on track for a DVD release (also October 7), to continue the already-released MPI sets (Ultimate Collections Volume 1 and 2) that were given the thumbs-up from the late Paul Henning’s estate. (The estate ponied up the necessary cash to license the Beverly Hillbillies theme and original commercials, which made for two—three, if you count the Christmas release—very engaging DVD box sets.) The CBS/Paramount release will be entitled The Beverly Hillbillies: The Second Season, and there will be a slight bit of overlap in that it will contain the 19 episodes previously issued by MPI for a total of 36 episodes. (And no split seasons either! Weeeelllll doggies!)

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