Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sam-a-rama (I’m still not crazy about that name)

It’s Sunday, June 29, 2008…and today we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the launching of my esteemed colleague Sam “Blaxstone” Johnson’s weblog with a sort-of-a-light-but-delicious sour cream pound cake and lemonade-iced tea slushes courtesy of Sonic. In the time that I’ve known Sam—and you can read about this in a famous TDOY post from May 17, 2005—he has proven himself to be a loyal friend, a witty and urbane conversationalist, and Jack Benny to my Fred Allen. I don’t have a problem with him being Benny because, due to his popularity as a DJ in Savannah radio, he has a much bigger following than I do. (Allen would probably retort—come to think of it, he did just that—“That large following is all Benny…” but I’m too much of a gentleman to follow his example.) Besides, Allen is much funnier…and as is so often the case, life imitates art(ists).

Even though I have relocated to the wilds of Athens, Georgia, I still maintain contact with His Samness—I phoned him two Fridays ago to learn that his computer has given up the ghost and not even Pat Robertson could faith-heal that puppy. So he’s been forced to continue blogging and communicating with his fans using the radio station’s computer until such a time as a savvy Hollywood agent catches a few of segments of Underground Savannah and signs him up as the next Dave Chappelle. In the meantime, Sam does have a “cookie jar” at his blog for charitable donations and all that I ask is that you give till it hurts, brother…and then give some more. (Can I get a witness?)

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Sam said...

"Allen's so old that the wrinkles on his face leads to King Solomon's Gold." See, I could have written for

Thanks for donation, bub. This will help me stick to Best Buy since they turned down my credit today. :)