Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Arise and dissent

I saw this story on Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night (Keith’s on vacation). I went with the YouTube version because it’s shorter than the Countdown piece:

So, here’s the skinny: McCain’s security detail has four cops roust a 61-year-old part-time librarian named Carol Kreck from one of his Town Hall meetings in Denver because (heavy irony alert) she was carrying a sign that read “McCain = Bush.” According to Progress Now Action, the gendarmes issued her a ticket and court date to appear for “trespassing on city property.”

Incidents like this make me laugh and weep at the same time. Here’s a guy who wants to be the leader of the free world, and he has to have some Secret Service toadies take care of a sixty-one-year-old librarian, who clearly poses a major threat to the most powerful nation on the planet. It’s a damn good thing they didn’t have little old ladies torturing him in ‘Nam, or he would have screamed like a little girl. (I’m also surprised that they didn’t taser the dame as they escorted her from the center.)

I think Richard Widmark’s Tommy Udo in Kiss of Death (1947) said it best: “Big man…”

By the way, I’m not taking sides in this election. This not-too-dissimilar incident involving the Obama campaign was beyond the pale as well.

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Craig Zablo said...

What's really crazy is that the sign offended McCain's people.

Great post. LOL!