Saturday, August 2, 2008

RTN: Normal viewing has been restored

So I did a quick zip-around the CharredHer Cable lineup this morning and caught a small snatch of Wagon Train shortly after noon. I didn’t stick around to see it all—you wouldn’t believe how fast the dirty dishes stack up ‘round this jernt—but I did glimpse Robert Fuller and Sterling Hayden having a conversation while chowing down on some victuals…so I’m guessing this episode was “The Les Rand Story” from October 16, 1957 (the fifth episode of the show’s debut season).

This means, of course, that the Leave it to Beaver junta is now smashed, and that maybe I can finally watch Run for Your Life this afternoon at 4:00pm, weather permitting.

Our long national nightmare is over. Thanks to all the TDOY readers who offered support in this time of crisis.

[Update: Shazbot! RTN pulled a fast one and rolled out another Beaver rerun a few minutes ago. I'm never gonna get to see this show!]


Linda said...

I clicked over to WSB's RTN station tonight about 9:30 (or maybe it was 10:30) and Darren McGavin's MIKE HAMMER was on. I nearly had a cow. What, no Beaver?

The Baby said...

Hey Ivan - OT but I finally got the 3 seasons of What's Happening!

All those great one-liners by Danielle Spencer...funny girl.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

I didn't know RTN was showing the Darren McGavin version of Mike Hammer, Linda...I just assumed it was going to be the one with Stacy Keach, so this comes as a bit of a surprise.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

All those great one-liners by Danielle Spencer...funny girl.

Dee had an attitude before attitudes were in vogue.

Did you buy the Complete Series edition? I heard the packaging on that was a bit screwy.

Doc Quatermass said...

Still haven't had a chance to compose my thoughts on RTN (just sent Bill Crider a lengthy e-mail on the old schedule and the revamped one yesterday, as well as nice TV watching last weekend between a couple of the Michael Caine crime dramas and some good old stuff on RTN). Nor comment yet on Checkmate on DVD and My Three Sons coming out on DVD.

Listening to Stu Shostak's internet radio tonight, a rebroadcast of the live Wednesday night show's interview with Marilyn Borden and Wayne Stam reminiscing about the stars they've worked with - Lucille Ball, Jimmy Durante, Jerry Van Dyke, Bob Newhart, Julie Andrews, and many more.

Stu talked at the beginning about a 25 year old female CBS/Paramount employee who contacted Barry Livingston (Ernie) and told him that even though he didn't show up until Season Six they wanted him involved in Season One's release. She also asked how she could get in touch with William Frawley (Bub - who died in 1966).

They also discussed a boxed set of My Favorite Martian: The Complete Series coming out around Christmas (Rhino's rights expire and revert to, I believe, Warners) with extras like a radio interview with Ray Walston and, I'm not sure which, home movies or still photos by both Walston and Bixby, and maybe something tied in to recently rediscovered props from the series.


I wondered why they had MSMH listed on the Comcast guide as half an hour eps. It was a nice surprise to see the old TV show, as much as I like McGavin, not sure he is properly Hammeresque. This past weekend Saturday and Sunday they still ran double Beavers in place of Run For Your Life (a series I'm looking forward to watching again) at 3 PM ET and The Bold Ones at 4 PM in the Pittsburgh market. Also, Sunday night at midnight, double Beavers in place of Black Sheep Squadron.

Interestingly, though the online and on screen schedule lists Suspense Theater Saturday and Sunday at 11 PM ET, Saturday Night they ran an episode of Kraft Mystery Theater (Season 3, Episode 1: Shadow of a Man Original Air Date: 19 June 1963; with a pre-15 first season Marilyn Munster, Beverly Owen - in color and a brunette; Jack Kelly, Ed Begely, Sr., Broderick Crawford and a mid-teen non-psychotic Michael Burns in a small role as Begley's son). The opening had a black background with the old stage lights on stands forming a circle , but nothing showed up as the shows name in the center of the circle. Sunday night at 11 PM ET they ran Kraft Suspense Theater (Season 1, Episode 4: A Hero for Our Times
Original Air Date: 31 October 1963 w/ Lloyd Bridges who witnesses a murder from the window of his mistresses apartment and tries to figure out how to tell the court that the drunk janitor they're trying - Dabbs Greer, is innocent), but at the beginning they started running a title card for Crisis which ended abruptly and never showed the KST beginning.

I hope they will run Season 2, Episode 21: Rapture at 240
Original Air Date: 15 April 1965 - pilot for Run For Your Life:
When Paul Bryan, a high-powered lawyer, is diagnosed with an incurable disease, he decides to spend his last days living the high life on the French Riviera.