Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tonight the bottle let me down

From, the news that Sony will be releasing I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series to stores on November 4th isn’t all that surprising. Once again, the studios—simply not satisfied with stuffing their gullets with all the cash they made from the individual season sets—are heckbent on asking Joe Consumer to bend over while they drive, flashing their “extras” like a hooker with her goodies.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t had the experience that CBS DVD/Paramount has with these practices. They’re offering the set in special “bottle packaging” which looks positively unattractive and cumbersome (and if they have the postal persons that I have it’ll be a miracle if it arrives in anybody’s mailbox intact); plus the 1985 TV-movie I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later will be included. I’ve seen it…didn’t like it (Wayne Rogers replaces Larry Hagman as Major Nelson, for starters)—in fact, the only redeeming feature of this feature was seeing Hayden Rorke reprise his role as Dr. Bellows.

TVShows’ David Lambert does raise an interesting point, however: will the first season discs contain the original black-and-white Jeannie episodes or the colorized versions that Sony apparently had to offer to reluctant buyers (they did the same thing with Bewitched’s freshman and sophomore years, too). I will never understand why the studios had to colorize vintage TV shows like McHale’s Navy and the first season of Gilligan’s Island in syndication. (“Hey! Gilligan’s wearing a red shirt in this one!”)

Nice try, Sony. Now get back to work and finish out those Hazel and The Flying Nun sets like I asked you to.

Update: has the official press release from Sony and neither made-for-TV I Dream of Jeannie movie is mentioned as being on the set. And the first season episodes? Colorized. Bwhahahahahahahaha...!

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