Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An early Christmas present

I consider myself a fortunate individual in that I have a roof over my head, shoes on my feet, clothes on my back, three squares a day, etc., etc., etc.—but if anyone were to ask what I want for Christmas this year I would request but one small thing.

I want Senator Saxby Chambliss’ ass handed to him next Tuesday.

For those of you who don’t live in the Peach State (or who haven’t been keeping up with the reading), Chambliss is one of two Republican senators from Jaw-Ja; the other being the bland and ineffectual Johnny Isakson. I could describe in a great many words Mr. Chambliss’ character (or lack of) but since I don’t want to start pegging the Cuss-O-Meter I will allow the eloquence of Salon’s Alex Koppleman to suffice: “Chambliss epitomizes all of the worst elements of the smarmy, oleaginous, patriotism-challenging, cultural war-heavy, solution-free, Southern-led national Republican approach to politics and governing. But that shtick is getting stale.”

(“Oleaginous.” I think I like that word better than “sebacious.”)

In 2002, four-time Congressman Chambliss ran against incumbent Max Cleland and won primarily due to a disgusting, despicable ad linking an image of Cleland to that of Osama bin Laden and asserting that Cleland was “soft on defense.” The craven Congressman challenged Cleland's patriotism despite the fact that Max returned from serving his country in the Vietnam War a triple amputee, while Saxby sat that dance out because he had a “bad knee.” (The same knee, I assume, he used to kick Cleland in the balls with his sleazy campaign ad.)

This year, Chambliss faces a tough reelection fight against Democratic challenger Jim Martin who, despite having all the charm of live bait, has kept the Senate race pretty close and there are some who say he might be able to pull off the win. I’m very skeptical of this (though I do plan to vote for Martin) happening due to Georgia's wonky touch-screen machines, but my spirits have been lifted somewhat by a campaign ad funded by VoteVets.org, which had success with a similar campaign in 2006 in Senate races against Republican incumbents in Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania and Virginia. (All four lost. They’re also using the ad to target Liddy Dole’s North Carolina seat.) It’s apparently in heavy rotation in the Fort Benning and Fort Stewart areas and having seen it, it’s one of the most effective statements I’ve seen in this election year so far. If such an ad could defeat Chambliss, it would be the sweetest justice of all:


Anonymous said...

The only thing I have against Martin is his misrepresentation of the Fair Tax. If those who oppose the bill would take the time to read it, it would be seen as a no-brainer and many of our country's financial problems would go away.

Jim from http://jimsjourney.wordpress.com/

Brent McKee said...

As a Canadian I don't have a dog in this hunt but I most heartily agree with you in wanting Chambliss out. The campaign of 2002 was a typical Republican smear campaign complete with the aid from Republican attack bitch Anne Coulter, who even dared to question the cause of Cleland's injuries. It was a campaign that even other Republicans (John McCain adnd Chuck Hagel) found reprehensible. I won't be following most of the US Senate races (Minnesota being one of the ones I will be watching) but I hope Martin cleans Chambliss's clock - and busts it afterwards.