Friday, November 14, 2008

The continuing adventures of Paul Broun, Boy Congressman

From Gabriel Wynant at’s War Room:

Georgia Rep. Paul Broun at least deserves credit for his sincerity. Before the election, one might have thought that the descent of some conservatives into a paranoid fantasy world in which Barack Obama would bring Islam and Marxism to the U.S. was a passing fever, a kind of desperate eleventh-hour ploy to hold onto the White House.

But not only did Broun
warn about Obama's "potential" to be another Hitler six days after the election, he seems to be in no mood for the usual perfunctory song-and-dance. He's not going to even try to apologize if anyone was offended, blame the media or claim to have been misquoted or taken out of context.

So, in other words—he’s a douchebag…but a sincere douchebag.

Instead, Broun issued a follow-up statement to remind us to be ever watchful against encroaching totalitarianism.

Furthermore, the vicious attacks upon Joe the Plumber, for asking a simple question regarding Obama's tax plans, and upon Barbara West, the Orlando television reporter who dared to ask the obvious -- How is wealth redistribution not a Marxist idea? -- and upon her husband as well, cause one to wonder to what extremes the Obama political machine will go to suppress dissent ...

It is perfectly appropriate for members of Congress, members of the media, and private citizens to hold Mr. Obama accountable for his views and his intentions. When we do, we should not be marginalized.

Indeed. The unrepentantly left-wing media refuses to give any coverage whatsoever to the concerns about Obama held by red-blooded Americans like Broun, and is thus complicit in the Obama machine’s suppression of dissent. It's a wonder we heard about this at all, and few will ever know the awful truth, because brave dissenters like Broun are inevitably "suppressed" and "marginalized." For all we know, the congressman is currently tied up in the basement of a Chicago Whole Foods, being force-fed organic arugula by Obama's paramilitary thugs.

When I posted earlier about Rep. Broun (R-Schmuck), my intention was to merely demonstrate the high caliber of individuals here in Georgia who have miraculously convinced a majority of sheep-like voters to put them in office despite the fact that they’re unable to put together two sentences without sounding like the village idiot. Campaspe is right—I should seek no sympathy, but since several of these “statesmen” (Rep, Lynn Westmoreland [R-Bigot] and Rep. Jack Kingston [R-Cretin], to provide two other examples) apparently lead not by wisdom but by pure bone ignorance I feel it’s necessary to make an example of them and hold them up for the scorn and ridicule they so richly deserve.

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HouseT said...

Hmm. I wonder if anyone will bother to ask all of the saber rattlers where they were 6-7 years ago. You know, when the last guy in the Oval Office moved with the then Republican Congress to effectively suspend Habeus Corpus?

Oh yeah, but that was patriotism then. This is clearly tyranny. From the guy who hasn't even entered office yet. Yeah...