Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My special comment

I really wanted to post the Ben Affleck Countdown with Keith Olbermann parody he performed on Saturday Night Live this past…well, Saturday…but I figured everybody and his brother would have already tended to it (my blogging rival Sam “I Am” Johnson, for example), so I declined. However, I did think KO’s “response” to his skewering by Affleck on last night’s Countdown was worthy of a look-see:

I’ve mentioned on this blog that I’m a huge fan of Olbermann’s—I even had a post up at the old Salon edition stating this, and a couple of drive-by commenters seemed to hint that Mr. Olbermann was not worthy of being singled out by yours truly. (I didn’t engage in any further badinage only because it wasn’t worth the time and effort.) Look, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that Keith has an ego that requires the use of a second car and that he does get a tad too wound up (reaching the frenzy of a Howard Beale-like rant in some of his “special comments”) at times, but I like Olbermann because many of his pop culture sensibilities seem to mesh with mine; he frequently references personal heroes like Bob & Ray and Monty Python, and he had me on the floor one night during an “Oddball” piece about boats made from toothpicks when he muttered “You can’t get the wood, you know.”

He also singles out people in the TDOY universe for which I’ve long had great respect; on an October 21 edition of “Oddball” he noted that it was the anniversary of the birth of the legendary British comedy actor Leonard Rossiter, and fleshed this out with a memorable bit of dialogue from The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin in which Reggie dictates a letter to British Rail asking why his train is always eleven minutes late. (Seriously—who besides me, Vince Keenan and Linda at Yet Another Journal even remembers Rossiter?) He also showed the YouTube clip of the “Batman vs. Penguin” mayoral debate (which was circulating the Internets when someone keenly observed that it was reminiscent of a recent Presidential debate) on the program, and took special pains to point out that it was OTR legend Les Tremayne playing the part of the debate monitor.

It seems, therefore, only fitting to point out that Olbermann and his protégé, Rachel Maddow, have been immortalized this week in This Modern World, Tom Tomorrow’s weekly satirical strip:

As John Cleese—who made a riotous appearance on Countdown on Halloween—said to KO upon departing, “Thank you for what you do, Keith.”


Vince said...

Ah, Leonard. You are missed. It's still not enough to get me to watch Olbermann, though.

HouseT said...

Is it wrong that I'm impressed that Affleck did all of that spinning, tilitng rant from cue cards? But it's good to see Keith is an excellent sport. Not that he has a choice. What's he going to do? Rant about it?

kittysmith said...

Two things:
The 1st season of "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin" was my FAVE RAVE show in the seventies, even though I could understand only about a third of the dialog. Drop dead funny.

I like Keith O. I wish only that he had referenced Miss Precious Perfect in his response to Ben's skit! I'd like to hear what SHE had to say.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Ah, kitty...always glad to welcome a fellow Perrin alumnus. ("I didn't get where I am today without being glad to welcome a fellow Perrin alumnus...")

And no, houset -- it's not wrong that you were impressed by Mr. Affleck's cue-card feat because I was as well. (It's still not enough to get Vince to watch Olbermann, though.)