Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It’s great just to be nominated (2008 edition)

If you click here you will be whisked away to the list of finalists for the 2008 Weblog Awards, a celebration of gratuitous back-patting that comes and goes every year which I would normally shun like the proverbial plague were it not for the fact that conservative blogger extraordinaire Jon Swift has made the cut of the ten nominees in the category of Best Humor Blog. (I’m not entirely certain how this happened, by the way…I think it may be an oversight, since Jon—in a saner world—should have been included among the Best Conservative Blog nominees.) As a left-wing troublemaker, I read Jon on a regular basis and find him devastatingly witty (maybe that explains the “Best Humor Blog” nod) despite his politics. I realize this isn’t being fair, since Jon has never passed judgment on me and in fact, was kind and courteous enough to include me in a post which lists various bloggers and what they felt was their best post in 2008. (I went with the Gale Storm material only because…when you break it all down…most of what I write is hack work anyway.) I’m ashamed to be in such heady company.

I don’t know who these people are running these “Weblog Awards” but I have a feeling that their methods are somewhat suspect because I actually received a nomination early on in the process. Yes, that’s right. Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, mongrel blog. (The “Old Yeller” of pop culture blogs.) To the unknown individual who put my name in the early nomination pool, I offer you my heartiest thanks. But I could have told you it was simply not to be. In a post I wrote last year, facetiously describing these Weblog Awards people, I described them thusly:

The Weblog Awards are plenty big stuff, Kemosabe—it’s like playing in the “show.” Mink keyboards, all the Reese’s Pieces you can eat, servants to wait on you hand and foot—it’s the life, as Rush Gook would say. Wilder knows this blog won’t ever amount to anything, but I’d sure like to see one of its supporters/friends crash the big time.

I still cling to that last supposition—my manner towards the Weblog Awards has only become jaundiced because…well, if they even remotely consider allowing unwashed blogs like this one to join the ranks, where will it all end? Come January 5th, however, we will be afforded the opportunity to vote for Jon Swift…and since he’s a three-time nominee, I say we band together and make this one “the charm.”

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