Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ask Bobby Osbo

I got this in the e-mail box about ten minutes ago:

After I took a breather from all the sarcastic possibilities ricocheting through my head like bumpers on a pinball machine, I began to entertain serious thoughts about what question I would ask. I have it narrowed down to: “If Robert Osborne is all powerful, could he create a classic film so big that even he couldn’t lift it?” or “Why did you tell viewers sometime back that Odds Against Tomorrow features Harry Belafonte ‘with nary a song in sight’ when his character sings and plays the marimba/xylophone in a nightclub?”

If you can come up with a question on your own, have at it in the comments section. Or if you’re really serious, here’s the dropping-off point for all Osborne queries.


Anonymous said...

Here you go!

When will TCM have a Tyrone Power month? (In case this name doesn't regster w/RO, please inform him that he was a famous "matinee idol" of the 40 and 50s...)


Pam said...

I do so love "31 Days of Oscar."

Sissy Willis said...


2. And those SHOES: AWFUL!!!

Jay said...

Most of Tyrone Power's output was for Twentieth Century-Fox. The bulk of that company's catalog tends to be held back by Fox for use on their own Fox Movie Channel.