Thursday, January 8, 2009

He’s lost his lease…selling to the bare walls…no reasonable offer refused!

In years past, Edward Copeland has sponsored a number of successful participatory surveys that have had film buffs, cineastes and other hacks…er, bloggers vote on the Best/Worst Picture, Actor and Actress Oscars of all time. He was naturally all pumped to do it again this year, but due to his convalescence from a series of health problems he announced that he was farming out the project to any blog that was up to the challenge. (I thought briefly about volunteering, but I have a couple of outside OTR projects in the hopper that would have tied my hands for such a worthy endeavor.)

But there’s no need to fear…Brooke Cloudbuster is here! (Yes, I know—I think she made that up, too.) Brooke is chief cook-and-bottle-washer at The Performance Review, and she’s graciously agreed to pinch-hit for Eddie until he’s off the disabled list. This go-round, interested parties will vote for the Best and Worst Supporting Actress Oscar winners of all time…the rules are as follows:

1) You pick the FIVE BEST Best Supporting Actress Oscar performances that you consider to be the best to have won the award. Then, you also pick the FIVE WORST Best Supporting Actress performances to have won the award. You then rank them, from 1 to 5. 1 will receive 5 points, with each rank receiving one less point. (Note: These are more or less separate surveys run together; the points do not get counted together.)

2) You then e-mail those choices to me at brookebrooks at gmail dot com. It would be a delight for those participating to comment on the performances in question and why you chose them, in as much length or brevity as you like. When I do the posts, I will corraborate [sic] all of the comments and integrate as many as I can into the post under each performance. If provided, names/pseudonyms and links will be added to the comments.

3) You do this by February 10th, though I will extend this date if I feel it necessary to do so. I will streamline the posts at one a day, so that I will do the posts in groups rather than all at once (15 best, the rest of the best; 15 worst, the rest of the worst).

So spread the alarm, to every Middlesex, village and farm…and be sure to cast your ballots early and often (sorry, I still have a little West Virginian in me)…if not for you, then for the children. For God’s sake, won’t someone think of the children?

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