Thursday, January 15, 2009

Somebody up there doesn’t like me

So I’m recording the 1956 biopic of boxer Rocky Graziano—Somebody Up There Likes Me—off TCM yesterday…for some odd reason, I’m not a boxing fan but I do like movies that deal with the sweet science. (As I stated earlier in a review of Right Cross (1950), boxing films that show the corruption prevalent in the fight game—Body and Soul, Champion, The Set-Up, The Harder They Fall, etc.—usually receive top preference.) But I really dig Paul Newman’s performance in this film…and it has a special resonance for me because it was the movie that revealed my sister Debbie’s lukewarm fondness for classic movies (she called me one night to ask what I was doing and when I told her I was watching Somebody she said she, as a Newman fan, would have to check it out), proving that someone in our family besides me has good taste.

I was sitting on the couch watching the opening credits (with a theme song sung by Perry Como) when suddenly—for reasons I still can’t explain or comprehend—the cable box switches channels to a soap opera on ABC. Before I can complete the “What the fu…” rolling off my tongue, it then switches back to the Newman film. By itself. Honest to my grandma, I never even touched the remote.

This just goes to prove the depths of CharredHer’s wickedness. But someday…someday they will pay for their perfidy.

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