Saturday, February 14, 2009

CBS, the stars’ address

J. Kingston Pierce, editor of The Rap Sheet and proprietor of the pop culture/political blog Limbo pointed me toward a section on the CBS com website where they have some classic television shows available to watch online. There are a lot of TDOY favorites here; Have Gun – Will Travel, Hawaii Five-O, Perry Mason, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks are the most notable in the bunch. (Though why Star Trek is included is a bit of a mystery; it was broadcast on NBC during its 1966-69 run…ditto Twin Peaks, which was seen on ABC in its original stint on the tube. I’m guessing they’ve been made available here because CBS-Paramount now owns the rights to the two series.)

There are some other TV shows available as well: Beauty and the Beast, Beverly Hills 90210, Dynasty, Family Ties, The Love Boat, MacGyver and Melrose Place. None of these shows, however, carry the official Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Seal of Good Television—so watch them if you must, but remember…only shows with the TDOY seal promise real rerun satisfaction.


ratkeeper said...

Star Trek was made by Desilu, which Paramount purchased and the CBS Paramount company was the result of the merger between CBS and paramount.

The rights of a series stays with the production company not the network on which it aired. Medium is a CBS Paramount production even though it currently airs on NBC.

Might I also suggest Jericho, although it's not a golden age program, it currently is one of the best series around. It is currently airing on Sundays on The CW. You can also see it on You Tube.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Thanks for filling in the gaps, Mr. Keeper. You are a gentleman, scholar and...well, apparently a collector of rodents, judging by your nom de Internet.