Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The first man they look for and the last they want to meet has an announcement up that Gunsmoke: Season 3, Volume 2 will be hitting the trail May 26th, containing the remaining twenty episodes from the classic TV western’s junior season. (Although now that I think of it, Gunsmoke was on so long that concepts like “freshman” and “sophomore” don’t matter a great deal when you look at the big picture. Its twenty-year stint qualifies it as the equivalent of “professional student.”) It’s no secret that both Rick Brooks and I loathe this whole “split-season” DVD concept—a transparent ploy to collect more cash for these sets—but I’d like to state for the record that although I can understand the reasoning behind some of the split-season DVDs I wish CBS-Paramount would have left Gunsmoke out of the equation…or at least until the series adopted its hour-long format in the fall of 1961. And before anybody sucking at CBS DVD’s teat starts lecturing me that this simply can’t be done, I will point out that they did it with Season One and any attempt made on your behalf to argue me out of this will force me to pull out my sword of sarcasm and go medieval on your buttocks. (Sorry about this—I don’t endorse violent acts as a rule, but I watched Shichinin no samurai [1954] on TCM last night for the first time and it got me a bit worked up.)

TVShows also offers forth an explanation for the delay of Laramie: Season 3 from Timeless Media Group; Timeless says that the first sets to come off the assembly line had a technical glitch that occurred during the transfer process and that they have been recalled. The fixed discs will make their debut into DVD society March 30th (and will, incidentally, be improved slightly since TMG found some sources with better copies of a few of the episodes), so good on them. (I’m sure they flirted with the idea of a “replacement disc” program and then talked themselves out of it, believing it to be the last refuge of a weasel.)

A couple of DVDs that did slip by TVShows’ eagle-eye notice are upcoming releases of the third and fourth series of the long-running Britcom My Family, coming to a DVD player near you June 9th. This program, a favorite of both my Mom and Linda at Yet Another Journal, has been sort of slow in coming to disc (the previous releases of the first two series came out October 2006) but is certainly well worth the wait; I have all the existing series on Region 2 and while I think Family never fully rebounded from actor Kris Marshall’s departure after the fifth series it remains a first-rate sitcom (Robert Lindsay never fails to break me up). (Linda had a post a while back about watching some of the Christmas episodes and when I asked as to their origin she informed me that they had been recently telecast on BBC America.)

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Jim said...

Split season sets have never bothered me, just so long as I get the entire season, but I can understand why some people dislike 'em.

I'm glad more GUNSMOKE is coming. I'm enjoying these half-hour shows, none of which I'd ever seen before.