Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

The woman in the picture above probably won’t be familiar to a good many people who read this blog, even though I mention her often from time to time. It’s my mother, Irene, who is celebrating yet another natal anniversary. (I would tell you which one except that I’m still in the running to inherit the family fortunes, depleted though they may be, and I don’t want to scotch that deal.)

I took her and Dad to the Transmetropolitan for lunch today (she had an Italian food jones that needed to be scratched), a little place not too far from Rancho Yesteryear that I previously wrote about here…and once again, I ordered the tasty cream of potato soup (though this time the quality had slipped a tiny notch from the previous time). I also ordered a slice of pizza to go with it but my eyes were clearly bigger than my stomach because that soup clearly does the trick (I had the server box that baby up and it now sits patiently in my fridge, waiting to be devoured for dinner) in satiating one’s hunger. Dad had a cup of soup and an order of bruschetta while Mom ordered the chicken parmesian.

Mom had originally wanted to get a sandwich at Jason’s Deli but decided on this last-minute substitution…something that normally drives me to distraction but…well, it’s her birthday—she gets a bye this time.

Happy birthday, Mom…I love you.


Pam said...

Happy Birthday, Mumsy!!

Flickhead said...

Happy Birthday Mom!

Linda said...

Happy birthday, Mom!