Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sealed for your protection

Okay, so February is the shortest month of the year…is that any reason to deny the first day of the month the pleasure of rolling out another new Premier Collection from the fabulous folks at First Generation Radio Archives?

“Au contraire,” FGRA major domo Harlan “The Voice” Zinck would probably say, provided he were writing this post. And so it is with heavy heart—and light kidneys—that I introduce to you a 10-CD set of broadcasts (20 in toto) of The Sealed Book, a horror anthology broadcast over the Mutual network (from March 18 to September 9, 1945) during Radio’s Golden Age, and also in syndication thereafter. To check out this set, you can either click here or the picture of the man with the typewriter on the right side of the blog.

The man with the Underwood, by the way, is Robert A. Arthur—who, with his partner David Kogan, penned all twenty-six Sealed Book programs by recycling some of their earlier scripts from another Mutual anthology series, The Mysterious Traveler. Some may cluck their tongues and call this cheating—but since time and the elements did not see fit to spare many of Traveler’s broadcasts, the presence of all of Sealed Book’s episodes today is of enormous interest as they serve to fill in a gap or two. Arthur, who was quite the proficient short-story writer, has become a cult figure today largely because much of his work is out-of-print; he later plied his talents on popular television programs like Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Thriller.

The Archives are also offering another addition to their popular Radio Legends library: a seventh volume of broadcasts from the OTR favorite This is Your FBI, starring Stacy Harris as Special Agent Jim Taylor—one of my favorite crime dramas from Radio’s Golden Age. This 10-CD set contains twenty broadcasts originally broadcast in 1948 and 1949, and if you’re fond of the “the-Feds-can-do-no-wrong” type of drama from back then, you will definitely enjoy this.

Those of you who make frequent purchases from FGRA are certainly aware that the Archives often offer up nifty bonuses with each order…and again, short month or no, February is no exception. With each order you place with First Generation (Premier, Radio Legends or Twilight Zone collections), you’ll receive a gratis copy of one of their Doc Savage reprints—a brand new line of books that brings back one of yesteryear’s most popular pulp novel adventure heroes, “The Man of Bronze” hisownself!

Remember, First Generation Radio Archives is dedicated to “preserving radio’s past for the future”—and before you know it, February will be here and gone…so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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