Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This post will self-destruct in five seconds

TVShowsOnDVD.com brought good news to my e-mailbox yesterday with the announcement that the penultimate season (that would be season six, for those of you who have gone racing to dictionary.com to find out what “penultimate” means) of Mission: Impossible has been announced and will be ready to order April 28th. The next-to-last season introduced actress Lynda Day George to the cast as makeup specialist Lisa Casey, brought in to replace master-of-disguise Paris, played by Leonard Nimoy…who soon went off In Search Of other projects. (To be honest, I’m not quite as up to speed with the later seasons of Mission: Impossible as I should be; I’m more familiar with the 1966-69 incarnation that had husband-and-wife Martin Landau and Barbara Bain among the cast. Matt Hinrichs at Scrubbles.net posted some YouTube footage of Bain’s appearance at the 1969 Emmy Awards some time back, at which Babs dropped the bombshell that MI’s producers wouldn’t be seeing her coattails from the dust come Season Four.) CBS-Paramount hasn’t priced this baby yet, but I’d say a reasonable ballpark guess would be “an arm and a leg.”

There’s also confirmation on the Hawaii Five-O box set that will be released by CBS-Paramount a week earlier (April 21st); a six-disc collection containing all twenty-four episodes of the crime drama’s sixth season—including one of my very favorites, “Draw Me a Killer” (09/11/73), in which this homicidal psycho (and let’s face it—on Five-O, there were rarely any other kinds) is killing off people who resemble the villains of a popular comic strip. McGarrett’s long-suffering lackey, Danny Williams, is drawn into the strip in an effort to flush this crazy out, but complications ensue when Mr. Funny Papers Fan runs into a girl who’s a dead ringer for the strip’s heroine. (I was ten years old when I saw this episode—can you believe my parents let me watch this sort of thing and yet frowned on my sitting with them during All in the Family?)

One last announcement deals with the re-release of one of my Saturday morning childhood favorites, Land of the Lost: The Complete Series. This collection, originally released by Rhino in December 2005 (and OOP for quite sometime), will feature all of the episodes from the 1974-77 Sid & Marty Krofft adventure show…a series that did some serious damage to my young psyche as a tad, particularly with those friggin’ Sleestaks. The reason for the show’s re-release is that Hollywood, clearly bereft of anything resembling a novel idea, is putting together a feature film version that will star—I kid you not—Will “Isn’t it amazing how I can stretch a thin SNL sketch premise into a two-hour feature film and be paid rather handsomely for the privilege?” Ferrell. (Oh, sister Kat is going to run to the googolplex when this turkey comes out.) David Lambert also mentions that the 1991 update of this series has yet to be released on disc—I can’t quite help him there, since I don’t recall having watched it…I think I discovered the pleasures of sleeping in Saturdays by that time.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember a single Hawaii Five-0 episode EXCEPT for the very episode you name. I believe the comic strip in question was called Judy Moon - Philip Schweier

jtogyer said...

I've already admitted that "Hawaii Five-0" is a guilty pleasure, and I'm working my way through Season 3 right now.

But shame on CBS for not including ANY special features on these discs ... no commentaries, no outtakes, nothing. And they're not cheap, either.

I will say this --- the DVD transfers are remarkably sharp.

Seriously, though --- we couldn't get an interview with James MacArthur or something? A look at the locations today? A copy of the press kit, in PDF form? Sheesh.

Anyway: That's "Hawaii Five-O," next week. Be there. Aloha.

jtogyer said...

Oh, they do have the episode promos before each show. Big whoop.

I would rather have seen episode promos for OTHER CBS shows: "Coming up next on an all-new 'Barnaby Jones'" ...