Monday, February 2, 2009

Turning the world down with a smile announced last week that Fox Home Entertainment has finally decided to finish out its on-again, off-again slate of The Mary Tyler Moore Show season releases with the May 5 release of Mary Tyler Moore Show – The Complete Series. This 20-disc collection will include the yet-to-be-seen-on-DVD fifth, sixth and seven seasons…and according to the press release, will be hawked at a MSRP of $179.98,

“But, Ivan…” I can hear you saying right now, “what if I already have Seasons 1-4? Is Fox going to release the remaining seasons separately so that I won’t have to go through the laborious and admittedly expensive task of buying discs I already own? It would seem, judging from the announcement, that the answer would be an emphatic “NO,” followed by evil, maniacal laughter. Not to put too small a point on it, MTM fans have just been punk’d. Stay classy, Fox!

In other TV-on-DVD news, TVShows has the box art up for the third and final Suspense: The Lost Episodes collection, along with a listing of what episodes will be on the set (one of them, Nightmare at Ground Zero, was penned by a young Rod Serling). I like the color of the box, and Infinity Entertainment has also seen fit to put Serling’s mug on the cover in the hopes of snagging a few Twilight Zone fans, I’m guessing. Infinity is also going to release Sergeant Preston of the Yukon: Complete Season 1 on that same day; apparently nobody in the company’s Department of Redundancy Department got the memo that Preston and Yukon King were already covered, first season-wise, by Critics’ Choice a couple of years back. (The article at TVShows says that Infinity had originally planned to release all three seasons of Preston in a big honkin’ collectors set but since that went south they’re going to go the season-by-season route.)

Fortunately for TV-on-DVD fans, Infinity plans to rebound from this with the announcement that the first season of the classic TV western The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp will hit the streets April 21st. Rhino previously released a “best of” collection back in 2005 that contained twenty-five episodes from the series’ 1955-61 run. According to Infinity, they are planning to release all of the episodes—and of course, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp: Complete Season 1 is as good as any place to start; the first thirty-three episodes will be available for fans in a set that retails for $39.98 (a price that will probably come down a bit once the listing is in place at most of the major online DVD e-tailers).

Finally, a quick blurb from TVShows about a fansite that apparently has the inside dope on the next Hawaii Five-O release (season six), due out from CBS-Paramount on April 21st as well. Be there. Aloha.

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Laura said...

I'm sure unhappy about the MTM news. We were among the customers who supported the releases by buying all four season sets (waiting forever after Season 1 was released!). I hope they reconsider and do the right thing for those fans who don't need over half of the complete series.

Best wishes,