Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DVDs ho!

In the last couple of months, I’ve written up a review or two about some of the classic television DVD box sets that have emerged from Timeless Media Group, like The Texan and M Squad—so if my analysis of these and other shows have whetted your appetite for some good vintage TV collecting, I’ve got sensational news.

Both the M Squad: The Complete Series and the Wagon Train: The Complete Color Season collections are on sale at Amazon.com for the lowest price I’ve seen yet on the Internets: $47.99 apiece. The Texan—seventy episodes of the 1958-60 series—can be had for $27.99. Amazon also has many of Timeless Video’s western releases for $13.99 a pop, which include the Laredo collections, Restless Gun, The Tall Man, The Deputy, Riverboat, Tate and Cimarron City. If you’re just not into oaters, they’ve also got some nice deals on crime dramas: both Checkmate sets, both Arrest and Trial collections and Brenner can be had for $11.99 each.

Despite the fact that the source material for M Squad varies in quality, you are not going to find a better deal on that set—and while I haven’t completely devoured the entirety of Wagon Train’s color season collection from what I have seen (the first disc) the visual quality (the color is incredible) makes it one of Timeless’ very best releases.

Honest to my grandma, I receive no remuneration from EDI or Amazon in plugging these…I just don’t like to see folks miss out on one hell of a deal.

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