Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Return trip to Treasure Island

Lloyd at mardecortesbaja.com has posted some critical thoughts about the Warner Archive project that was rolled out yesterday…and has even succumbed to purchasing a pair of Garbo silents (Love [1927] and Wild Orchids [1929]) as well as the missing Randolph Scott-Budd Boetticher oater (missing as in not on the Boetticher-Scott set, because it was a WB release), Westbound (1959). I thought his take on the Archive was insightful and well-argued, so do yourself a favor and skate on over. (As for myself, I finally chose The Rain People [1969] and The Beast of the City [1932] as my initial purchases—when they arrive at Rancho Yesteryear I’ll open them up and give them the once-over for the blog.)

Laura at Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings sat in on last night’s Home Theater Forum chinwag with Warner’s own George Feltenstein, and features some of the copious notes she took during the chat. I’m pleased to hear that a fifth volume of Warner’s Film Noir series is in the works, and as for the John Garfield box set—I’ll be all over that like sand gnats in Savannah. My good friend J.C. Loophole, graduate with extinguished honors at the Copacabana School of Law, also has two cents to throw into the conversation at The Shelf…even if he had to issue a mea culpa to TDOY about his post header.

Finally, TVShowsOnDVD.com announces that the original street date for The Donna Reed Show: Season 2 has been moved up from May 5th to July 21st. So if you had planned on grabbing it as a Mother’s Day gift…well, Will Rogers once observed that on that day, florists were “keeping open this evening just to accommodate late consciences.”

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Rick Brooks said...

I'm kind of bummed that the Garfield movies won't be coming out as "proper" releases, a la the awesome WB boxes at retail, but in the Archives.

Similarly, I'm puzzled that while they insist this isn't slowing their retail initiatives, there will be no Gangsters 5 set and that more Bogart/Robinson/Cagney will be in the Archives. I'm surprised they can't find a way to make releases of those stars profitable without going this route.

Then again, they're probably using this partly as a big test-marketing thing to determine what future sets to spend resources in. So maybe there's hope for another Bogart set eventually.