Friday, March 13, 2009

“There is no sweeter sound to any person’s ear than the sound of their own name…” – Dale Carnegie

Apologies if I didn’t get the Carnegie quote 100% right…it’s been a while since I poked through his book, a copy of which was (and continues to be) owned by my father, who has definitely won a lot of friends (it’s the “influencing people” bit he’s running behind on) since taking Carnegie’s famous courses. It’s just that every so often when I check my StatCounter stats to see what kind of linkage I’m getting here at TDOY, I often find that some poor soul—clearly bored out of his or her skull—has entered my name into the Google to see what results. So I decided to follow the trail…

The Chicago Sun-Times posted a link to my rather lengthy obit of actor-singer Jimmy Boyd and country music legend Hank Locklin—and I must confess I’m a bit prouder of this effort because the last time they did this (with the passing of Molly Bee) it looked as if I actually wrote Bee’s obituary when I clearly did not—I “liberated” it from the AP. (Still, I am feeling a twinge of guilt about this recognition, since Bill Crider reported the Boyd/Locklin deaths first.)

But here’s a mention that really made me giggle: a list of pledge drive “thank you” items from WMKV 89.3 FM (which is in Cincinnati, I believe). WMKV, according to their website, embraces old-time radio and some of the newest Radio Spirits releases (including many of the ones I wrote the liner notes for) are available as rewards for people pledging money to the station. It’s almost like I was back at WMUL-TV again—I wonder if I could get a tote bag out of this?

Laura at Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings (a blog which is pretty much an everyday read for me) has an interesting blurb up about how Fox Home Entertainment has decided that in order to encourage DVD sales (which are being outpaced by DVD rentals) they will surgically remove the bonuses and extras from the copies purchased by rental outlets (Laura’s post is about how an idiotic idea like this will affect classic films on disc). (There’s also been speculation that studios are going to start doing away with “chapter stops,” proving that the plane has already crashed into the mountain.) As I mentioned in her comments space, I think extras are nice to have but if a disc I’ve purchased doesn’t contain them I don’t get too upset about it. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that many of the individuals who worked on these films are, sad to say, no longer with us—I mean, sure, it would be great to have Bogart and Bergman do audio commentary for a release of Casablanca but that’s not going to happen anytime soon (although it might be a shot in the arm for the troubled impressionists industry). But “segregating” bonuses into have and have-not discs is pretty dumb; as commenter mel observes: “But surely the cost of mastering two separate discs for two different markets defeats the purpose?” Others who participated with comments include Raquelle from Out of the Past: A Classic Film Blog (I wanted to participate in her recent showcase of photos demonstrating how I store my DVDs but the ‘rents are holding the digital camera hostage) and my favorite shyster attorney J.C. Loophole from The Shelf (who’s passed along an interesting blog post entitled “A Tribute to Discontinued Cereals” that’s well worth the time of anyone who got stoked on Saturday morning eating sugary-sweet cereals). Go over and have a look, and if you have something germane to add to the conversation, don’t be shy.


Bill Crider said...

All I did was post a link; you did a fine post, so you deserve the recognition.

Laura said...

Thanks so much for the link and the kind mention, Ivan. I guess you have proven just what you said, it is sweet to hear one's own name (grin), and I'm so glad to know you enjoy regularly visiting my blog -- especially as I enjoy checking out yours each day!

I've sure been enjoying the discussion on DVD's going to be interesting to see what transpires in the DVD world over the next year or two.

Best wishes,