Friday, March 27, 2009

When men were men and sheep were nervous has announced an interesting release from Timeless Media Group that will be available May 19th—The Classic TV Western Collection: Stories From the Outlaw Trail, which prides itself on being a compendium of “40 episodes of the finest television westerns on six DVD discs, including many of the top shows and previously unavailable pilots and lost shows, over 23 hours and all.” TVShows’ David Lambert goes on to say: “It appears that this release is a mix of both licensed and public domain episodes, all presented in full frame (some black-and-white, others in color) and with English audio.”

This set has sort of piqued my interest because even though the details are sketchy, the contents of the set are sort of spelled out on the box (to your left): installments of Laramie, Laredo, Tales of Wells Fargo, Wagon Train, Bat Masterson, The High Chaparral, The Rifleman…and a picture of Clayton Moore near the top is a sure bet there’s some Lone Rangers on the set as well. The price for the set is $39.98 SRP, but if it’s discounted enough I can see myself getting a copy for the Wells Fargo and High Chaparral material. The others mentioned suggest that they’re the same P.D. episodes present and accounted for in other collections—with maybe the possible exception of Laramie (could they have put some of the black-and-white shows on this one?). As for Laredo…well, I went ahead and bought all four Season 1/Season 2 collections when Amazon had their sale, so I’m not hurting for Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith or Phil Carey right now.

Tales of Wells Fargo was a big favorite of my Mom’s when she was an adolescent—later on, my father would provoke her into a mild state of pissed-offedness by referring to the show’s star (Dale Robertson) as “Dale Roberts”—also indicating that Mr. R was a tad on the retarded side. (On the same topic, if anyone is interested in purchasing all the seasons of High Chaparral on disc, my pal Rodney is offering them at OldieDVD/Finders Keepers and I can personally vouch for their quality, since he sells nothing but.)

TVShows also has a quick blurb announcing that although there hasn’t been an official date set, CBS DVD-Paramount does have plans for DVD releases of The Lucy Show on their schedule—with Season One scheduled for possibly a late July/early August date (huge emphasis on late July). Since MPI is reportedly going to be instituting their Here’s Lucy releases at about the same time, will it prove too much at once for the red-headed comedienne’s fans?

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Scott C. said...

As much as I enjoyed the Garner Maverick, and would eagerly watch it again if it cropped up on TV, I think I'd more readily pay for (and more importantly, clear space for) a DVD set of 77 Sunset Strip and/or Hawaiian Eye, because I've got oaters in my blood, but I just never quite got enough of that particular brand of cool when I was a kid.

High Chaperral was my sister's favorite western, probably because of the soap opera-like friction between the Cannon and Montoya families. And it was refreshing to see Mexicans -- especially upper class Mexicans, which was even more rare -- as continuing characters. But two things always bugged me about that show as a kid: The awesome stupidity of Big John's son, "Blue Boy," and the constant suspense of waiting for Cameron Mitchell to die of heatstroke from wearing 20 pounds of black leather. Outdoors. During the day. In Ari-frigging-ZONA.

Still, it was a better show than the producer's other effort...that one about the Bluebeard-like serial killer who married, then murdered innocent women in Nevada Territory, and who also bred deeply stupid spawn. Bonanza, I think.