Friday, March 20, 2009

You can’t spell “TV” without “DVD”…um…well, you sorta get the idea… has an announcement up that Fox Home Video’s nebulous release of The Mary Tyler Moore Show box set collection (I say nebulous because Fox hasn’t technically issued a press release about this; the info was gleaned from a few online stores listing it as an upcoming release) will be delayed from its earlier speculated date of May 5. Still no word on whether or not the studio will make available Seasons 5-7 in separate sets so that those people who’ve already acquired the first four sets don’t have to shell out additional dinero to complete their collection…but experience has taught me that in situations like these, bet on the weasels.

TVShows is also reporting that a release of Peyton Place: Season One, Part Two will be available not long after Part One hits the streets in mid-May. (Part Deux has a scheduled release date of July 14th.) That’s what I call service! (I like the green on the box set art, too.)

And in the Hey-Let’s-Repackage-This-And-Resell-It-Hoping-No-One-Catches-On Department, Sony is announcing a big honkin’ release entitled The Norman Lear Collection, a 19-disc set that will contain the debut seasons of seven of the pioneering producer’s legendary sitcoms: All in the Family, Good Times, The Jeffersons, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Maude, One Day at a Time and Sanford and Son. “Sure, everyone interested in these shows has probably already acquired all these sets, and since we apparently have no interest in continuing with further seasons of Family, Hartman, Maude or One Day, we figured if we slapped some extras on these babies these disc-buying dupes would be none the wiser,” an imaginary Sony spokesman I made up was heard to comment. I guess the big selling point for this mega set is that it contains two of the pilots for All in the Family—but gosh all fishhooks, couldn’t they have just released a single disc with this material without having to gouge…wait a sec…I was thinking like a decent person, and not a studio executive. Sorry about that. For the press release, TVShows has the news here.

Bob “Master of His (Public) Domain” Huggins sent me an e-mail yesterday alerting me to some DVD bargains to be had at two online bookstores often overlooked. (also known as Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller) regularly features discounted DVDs—I once bought a copy of The Late Show (1977) from them dirt cheap. You can get a list of their DVD titles by using their search engine and choosing “DVD” under the Binding/Media drop-down window. Also, Daedalus Books has a lot of A&E and Shout! Factory titles discounted—I particularly noticed that the first season of Bill Cosby’s self-titled sitcom (1969-71) is on sale for $12.98 and the second season of McHale’s Navy for $9.98. As always, Bob neither asks nor receives remuneration for these recommendations—he’s only interested in spreading the gospel of classic TV on DVD.


Jeff said...

Please pass my thanks along to Mr. Huggins for his recommendation of the Daedalus Books site. I bought some books and cds and will visit again, but the real treasure was the Danger Man/Secret Agent sets. I'd been planning to buy the megaset thru Amazon when it went OP and exploded in price, so I was delighted (more like delirious with joy) to be able to get this wonderful series for less than $100.

Bobh said...


Glad you were able to get in on the Danger Man/Secret Agent sets. It's a terrific series both in the half hour and hour formats. Both Daedalus and Hamilton are worth checking out on a periodic basis as their titles change with some frequency. Also worthwhile to check out is which also runs periodic inventory clearances from different manufacturers.