Thursday, April 30, 2009

“Forward…into the past!”

(Second FST reference this week—Mama, don’t stop me now!)

As you may have noticed by scrolling downward and glancing slightly over to the right, I have now become one of the many, many, many, many individuals (this sounds a lot funnier if I say it in a George Gaynes–like voice) who have succumbed to joining Facebook. The first individual to greet me with open arms (and light kidneys) was my good friend Vince Keenan, whose reaction was “Ivan! You’re just getting here? Welcome aboard!”

“You know me,” I managed to stammer, “always the Luddite.”

I gotta admit, though—this Facebook operation is a pretty nice set-up. When you register, it gives you a big honkin’ list of all the individuals you’ve swapped e-mails with in order for you to be able to start with a database of friends—most of my esteemed blogging colleagues were present and accounted for, as well as some surprises…notably sisters Kat and Debbie. True story: I have a MySpace account and when I learned that Kat did also, I asked her to let me know what it was so I could add her as a friend. She refused. (It’s a sad state of affairs when your own family won’t acknowledge your presence.) If she gives me the Facebook snub, then I’m really going to give her some grief. I’ll go over and tease her dogs, for starters. (“I got food for ya…NO I DON’T!”)

As I am finishing this post, I’m getting more back-pats and welcomes than I ever did at MySpace—Bill Crider, Rick “Don’t Call Me Sparky” Brooks, Federal Operator 99 at Allure (who was also kind enough to wrap up director Douglas Sirk as a gift), Matt Hinrichs, Thad K., Toby O’Brien, Tom Sutpen (who, in MySpace’s defense, was also a chum there) and Cliff Weimer. I’ve also joined the Ravenswood High School Class of 1981 group (me alma mater) and I’m hoping to hear from some of those folks (well, the ones that are still talking to me anyway). It’s nice to be part of the family.

Update: Just soon after I posted this, I got a thumbs-up welcome from Jim Leeds and...this is the hardest to believe...sister Debbie, who greeted me with: "Wow, Iv! You're on Facebook? I would compliment you for being totally hip but all of us 30+ people (no comments, please) have sort of ruined the coolness factor by now."

She might still get a birthday gift in July...I'll have to mull this one over. For the time being, however, she'd better stay off my lawn.


Flickhead said...

Ivan, I received an email invite to your Facebook. Unfortunately, I've never figured out how to "access" Facebook. I put in the correct user name and password, but I always end up on some generic screen. I have no idea how it works. By the time I do figure out, everyone will have gone on to the Next Big Thing.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

No sweat, Ray...just save me a seat at the Next Big Thing.

Elisson said...

Looked for you but can't find you... maybe the Firesign Theatre references have confused the Facebookites...

HouseT said...

I still don't get the whole MyFace and the HisTube or whatever it's called. But I may just stumble onto there myself sooner or later. I'm a sucker for peer pressure.

faustina said...

Oh, come on in, the water's fine. You get to see what folks are up to, one status line at a time, just a quick lil' "I was thinkin' 'boutcha" place. I've found facebook to be ever so much easier than myspace, too.