Friday, June 12, 2009

Hobo and Skinemax

With all the things I have to do this weekend—several outside projects, including another essay for my esteemed colleague Edward Copeland’s blog—how, you may be asking, will I manage to suck up as much of the free HBO/Cinemax offerings that CharredHer will be providing as a reward for my cable-internet-telephone loyalty?

It will not be easy. Sleep deprivation will play a huge part. But they pretty much only do this once a year, so I have to strike while the iron is hot—and be as persnickety as a Jif mom in choosing what to watch.

I’ve already used the “reminder button” to single out a few flicks that have been on my “want-to-see” list for some time now. HBO is running The Dark Knight (2008) twice Saturday night (for those people who didn’t grasp all the subtle nuances the first time), and since I have been informed that I’m the only individual inside the continental United States who’s yet to see it I figured I’d take a peek and see what all the fuss is about.

Tropic Thunder (2008) is also on this evening, and I’ve heard some positive buzz about this film so I’m going to chance it and watch it even though TCM is running some Woody Allen movies that I’d planned on taping. Other films slated for a TDOY viewing include The Simpsons Movie (2007), Juno (2007), Live Free or Die Hard (2007), Reservation Road (2007), Charlie Wilson's War (2007), In Bruges (2008), Michael Clayton (2007) and Love and Death on Long Island (1997). (Okay, I realize this last one is from a few years back…but if I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me.)

With the free HBO/Cinemax, I also get access to the offerings on their Demand channels…and after looking through those movies, it’s pretty much slim pickings. What’s worse, they’re still running the same movies I saw last year: Waitress (2007), Knocked Up (2007), The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007), etc. If I get the opportunity, I’ll try to tape Rendition (2007) only because it’s scheduled at the same time opposite Thunder and Thunder won the coin toss.

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HouseT said...

I'm sure that there's a few people that still haven't seen Dark Knight. The visually impaired for instance... But seriously, it's definitely worth checking out.

And I'm glad that Tropic Thunder somehow made your list. As ridiculous as it sounds, it's actually very well crafted. As a connoisseur of film, I'd be interested on your take of it. That, and enjoying it is a sure indicator that you are meant to be within my sphere of awesome.

(Someone should actually work on that. It sounds like a great D&D item: the Sphere of Awesome).