Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Farrah and Jacko

When you’ve spent the better part of your day watching Budd Boetticher films on Turner Classic Movies, sometimes you have a tendency to miss the important things in life. Like the news of Farrah Fawcett’s passing at the age of 62 from cancer, or the bulletin announced a few hours ago that the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, died of cardiac arrest at the age of 50. Fortunately, I keep abreast of all these developments—as well as the one-liners—via Facebook, which proves that it is good for something after all (though the repercussions that I’m starting to get all my news from FB is a little unsettling at best).

Practically every pre-pubescent, red-blooded American male had the famous poster to your right hanging on the wall of his bedroom…except me, because quite frankly Farrah was never really my cup of Earl Grey. I was only thirteen years old when Charlie’s Angels made its debut on the ABC network, and even then it insulted my intelligence to the point where I would leave my younger sister Debbie to it, muttering about the lack of taste in modern television audiences (I was channeling my inner Brent McKee even then, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I told the neighborhood kids to stay off our lawn in Bill Crider-fashion). As an actress, Farrah was very limited and to me she came off as little more than a Stepford wife; but as we all know, The Blind Squirrel Theory of Film™ states that there’s always something on a performer’s resume that stands out as first-rate work…and in Fawcett’s case it was her mesmerizing portrayal of preacher Robert Duvall’s wife in the 1997 film The Apostle.

As for Jacko—well, the fact that I’m probably the only individual without a copy of his behemoth LP Thriller might demonstrate that I was never a huge fan (although sister Kat did have a copy…and played it endlessly much to my torment); but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I Want You Back is one of my favorite oldies—more so because a woman I once worked with in Morgantown broke out in a spirited dance when we played this on a CD player and demonstrated moves I didn’t think were possible for a person of her vintage (let alone mine). I’ll say nothing further about the tragic ending to his life and career—except that it won’t be long before the “Jacko isn’t really dead” rumors start…which is good for me, since I have sure-fire winning numbers in the pool.

R.I.P, Farrah and Michael. You will be missed.


devonaz said...

They will be missed also Ed McMahon died yesterday to,,another great icon...I had the pleasure of listening to some of Michael Jackson great songs on the way home from work today as the radio was only playing his music...take care

Brent McKee said...

See there's the difference between you and me Ivan. When Charlie's Angels debuted I was in my early 20s and while I fully realised that my intelligence was being insulted every episode, that didn't make it all that much different from just about everything on TV at the time, and it had beautiful women. I was never much of a Farrah fan though. For me the "thoughts" that were evoked by The Poster had already been transferred to Jacklyn Smith (my ideal woman - at least her character was - beautiful, intelligent and level headed). Still I have to admit that over time she became a better actress (although my cynical side says "there was so much room for getting better and so little room for getting worse.")

As for Michael Jackson, beyond feeling a certain sadness over the death of someone who was two years younger than I am, I don't feel much. I never cared much for his music and even before the molestation charges he was more than a bit freaky. Mark Evanier had an insight into him which he mentions in his blog - he once told Michael "You are Richie Rich." I'm struck by the similarities between his death and that of his "would have been" father-in-law Elvis - sudden death under the shocking and mysterious of circumstances. It's enough to remind about what someone said about Elvis's death - "Good career move." (Yeah, the cynic in me got out again.)

Toby O'B said...

Angel preference here - Kate Jackson. Just sayin....