Friday, July 17, 2009

A few TV-on-DVD notes and some guest blogging

Things are a bit slow around Rancho Yesteryear for the time being, so there’s not going to be a whole lot of substance in this post (like that’s ever stopped me before) but I did want to take a quick time-out and let you know that Edward Copeland asked me to write a piece for his blog seeing as that today is the 50th anniversary of the release of my favorite Hitchcock film, North by Northwest (1959). I have a tendency to be very critical of what I write, so I was rather stunned to see that this “turned out nice again,” in the words of George Formby—and I not only want to profusely thank Ed for asking me to participate but for also ironing out the kinks in the presentation (he and I have vastly different styles of how we present things on our respective blogs and it’s a particularly tough slog for me to conform…but I’ll get it right one of these days).

Over at, they’ve got the skinny on those defective Route 66 third season discs that an anonymous commenter was kind enough to give me a heads-up on and suggest I avoid like the proverbial flu; my decision to forego a Best Buy purchase, however, rested on two factors: 1) lack of money, and 2) too lazy to go down the road to the near BB (located in beautiful downtown Bogart, GA) and score one. (Update: has a press release up that announces a recall of the Route 66 sets sold.) Messrs. Lacey and Lambert also have a nice press blurb up for next Tuesday’s release of The Lucy Show: The First Season; I’ve preordered the Here’s Lucy: Season 1 set at Amazon (it was listed at $19.99) but I’ll have to remind myself to get the Lucy Show set as well (perhaps if the currently eBay sale goes well, I can make that small dream happen).

And in the “Facebook giveth and it taketh away” department, the old high school chum who accepted my friend request a week ago has since written me off like a tax deduction. Normally something like this would upset me, but as I explained to Doc Quatermass, she was always “a bit cold around the heart”—to quote Chairman Mitchum in Out of the Past (1947). Oh, well—all’s fair in love and Facebook, I suppose. (Maybe it’s my Facebook drinking problem…)

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Scott C. said...

Nice piece on NbNW, Ivan. Coincidentally, I finally cracked the cellophane on my DVD last week and showed it to Mary, who to my astonishment had never seen the film, promising "one of the few classics which deserves its reputation." She was not disappointed.

William Goldman has a great chapter on the writing of NbNW (I think it's in WHICH LIE DID I TELL?), recounting the creation of the Hitchcockian set pieces from the point of view of Lehman -- the guy who had to actually make them work as part of a story. It's easy to see why he kept quitting the picture.