Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Treasure of the Sierra eBay

I want to thank anyone who reads the blog on a regular basis—or even a semi-regular basis—and who bought some of my swag on eBay; the auction closed around 5:30pm EST earlier today and I was very surprised at the amount of moolah I took in (one of the items offered was a still-in-the-packaging-security-tape-and-all copy of The Solid Gold Cadillac [1956], which went for around forty-three bucks and change—I had forgotten this little baby had been discontinued). I’ve still got a few items that went unsold, so I’ve re-listed them here…and while you’re certainly under no obligation to purchase anything, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to look, would it? Huh? Bueller?

As for myself, I made a pair of conservative purchases: one was a Region 2 copy of The Mob (1951), a movie I discussed briefly both here and last week…I picked this one up (brand spanking-new) for $9.95, a much better deal than had I purchased it overseas. With it came a used VHS of City That Never Sleeps (1953), a Republic noir that I actually have packed away in the dusty TDOY archives somewhere but since it’ll probably be a cold summer day in Georgia before I ever get to it I figured I’d drop a buck on this copy and see how the DVD recorder works in transferring it to a DVD-R disc. (And if it doesn’t work…well, I’ll have a VHS tape to play anyway.) I hope to have a little something up tomorrow—still deciding between another installment of Region 2 Cinema, the popular TDOY segment that has critics asking themselves with a yawn: “He really needs to get outside and get some fresh air,” or an update on some goodies I grabbed off of On Demand this weekend. I do hope you’ll join me.


John said...

I'll be interested in reading your thoughts on "City That Never Sleeps".
I recently dubbed my VHS copy to DVD as well. If only Lionsgate would explore their library, there are plenty of titles that I'd love to see released on DVD.

Brett said...

"The City..." is a procedural, film noir & melodrama all rolled up into one great little flick. I picked up a copy from a distributor that transferred a DVD-R off of a VHS, which was recorded from a British television channel (a late nite movie with no commercials luckily).
Highly recommended!
I'm not sure how much of the movie was actually filmed here, but I live in Chicago and love seeing 1940's & 50's noir films that exploit this city's wealth of railroads, industrial corridors, fire escapes and back alleys. It's also heartening to see that not a lot of noirish Chicago has changed in 56 years.