Thursday, August 20, 2009

No question about it—the boy can cipher!

Jethro might buy Nev. casino for Hillbillies plan

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Max Baer Jr. is considering buying a closed hotel-casino in Sparks and turning it into Jethro's Beverly Hillbillies Hotel and Casino based on the television sitcom he co-starred on during the 1960s.

Sparks Mayor Geno Martini confirmed Baer has met with city officials about the possible purchase of the Silver Club.

The former actor and director who has a home at Lake Tahoe already has approval to build his casino next to a retail complex being built in northern Douglas County about 30 miles south of Reno.

But his spokesman Don Smit says he's exploring other options because the construction of that retail complex has stalled.

I wonder if this casino has a cee-ment pond…


Dave Lewis said...

Finally something worth visiting Vegas for.

lashel said...

Baer's been talking about building a BH hotel and casino for many years. I wouldn't be holding my breath for it to happen anytime soon. I hope the hotel serves good vittles and have a large enough cement pond!

hobbyfan said...

If it's meant to be a homage to Beverly Hillbillies, it will have a cement pond (of course). And here we thought Baer had long gotten past "Jethro Bodine" by directing films like "Macon County Line" back in the day. I think he & Donna Douglas are the only original cast members left, BTW.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Well, as lashel pointed out, Baer's been looking for a way to connect the Hillbillies and casinos for a long time now -- I think when E! ran their Beverly Hillbillies reunion special Baer was promoting a slots machine with a Hillbillies theme, similar to some of the other machines already out (The Munsters, That Girl, I Dream of Jeannie, etc.).

But I've always wondered, too, why Baer's directorial career went south. I actually enjoyed Macon County Line for what it was -- a harmless redneck drive-in flick.

lashel said...

Has anyone ever interviewed Baer like Filmfax or the dearly departed Psychotronic Video Mag? He'd definitely make for an interesting interview, and like Ivan, I'd like to know what happened to his directing career too. Larry

Hal said...

Baer didn't actually direct MACON COUNTY LINE; he scripted and produced, while Richard Compton directed. I think his subsequent films would have benefitted from Compton's contribution.

Baer simply tried to wear too many hats on THE WILD McCULLOCHS, which had a much bigger budget and a great veteran cast: Forrest Tucker, William Demarest, Julie Adams, Vito Scotti, Don Grady and Harold J. Stone just for starters. But it wasn't as sharply paced as MACON COUNTY and while Baer scripted both films effectively, he lacked Compton's eye for detail. Might have had something to do with him starring, producing, directing AND writing: he simply had too much on his plate IMO.

Does have a great fight scene with Tucker and Baer late, and is more than a little remniscient of THE QUIET MAN, but Baer gets good performances from his seasoned cast. Too bad he didn't have Compton working with him, I think it would have been better.

ODE TO BILLY JOE is interesting, but uneven, and HOMETOWN U.S.A. is the least of the lot, a C-level ripoff of AMERICAN GRAFFITI.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Thanks for the correction on who directed Macon County Line, Hal -- sometimes the ol' memory falls down on the job.