Friday, August 21, 2009

Straightening out the junque* drawer

*That’s how my father spells “junk” – he’s in the flea market bidness, and he says it gives it a touch of class.

Well, I’ve got a few odds and ends to report and I decided to mix them all up/In one big mish-mush/And what have you got/Hungarian goulash—hey! Okay, now that I’ve dealt with my inner Allan Sherman, allow me to check off a few items of interest:

In the “You like me! You really like me!” department, I learned yesterday that the coveted Honest Scrap trophy has been awarded to myself and Thrilling Days of Yesteryear thanks to X Ray Specs and his porn movie weblog XXX Marks the Plot. (Come know the title's funny.) According to Mr. Specs, TDOY “keeps me up on old movies and TV on DVD,” and I thank him with all sincerity for the award and for encouraging my behavior. I’m in heady company here, good citizens—quirky-but-by-no-means-uninteresting weblogs like M. Bug, 8 Track Journal, The Gore-Gore Girl and Yard Sale Bloodbath were also singled out for this honor. (I have to be sure to mention that last one to my father.)

Ross Freedman posted a funny link on Facebook yesterday; the subject being The 12 Most Annoying Types of Facebookers (via It’s an amusing read, but since I remarked to Hobbyfan in the comments section under the “Two princes” post how absurd it was for CNN to pass off Tom Braden—a former head of the CIA—as a representative of the “left” on Crossfire for so many years I pretty much take anything I read at cumo graino salto. (Besides, “The Self Promoter” is not annoying—I like to read about what my friends in the blogosphere are up to and peruse the latest posts or articles they’ve written. I’ve added a few readers to TDOY through Facebook alone, and that’s a pretty big deal when before I had to raffle off a turkey just to get them to visit the jernt.)

A couple of TV-on-DVD announcements from, one demonstrating that even though Mr. Economy may be feeling a bit sluggish and under the weather, he’s still in there giving his all for classic television. Next Tuesday is the scheduled release for Here’s Lucy: Season One from Shout! Factory, and this little blurb announces that the date for the show’s sophomore season has already been set—November 3rd, with a 4-disc set that contains all of Season Two’s twenty-four episodes. And here’s the official press release for the Factory’s release of The Patty Duke Show: Season One, a six-disc collection with thirty-six episodes from the inaugural season beginning in the fall of 1963. (I can only speak for myself on how pleased I am to see this show finally make it to DVD, but In the Balcony’s Laughing Gravy remarked to me that he thought he and I may be the only two fans of this show—so there’s another set guaranteed sold.)

By the way, here’s an upcoming release from MPI Video that I must have overlooked: on October 13th, the company is bringing the short-lived comedy-variety program Pat Paulsen’s Half a Comedy Hour to disc—which will make an excellent company to the already-released third season of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and the soon-to-be-seen second season, which follows a week after on October 20th. The Paulsen collection will contain all thirteen episodes of his summer series for ABC-TV in 1970, and while I have only faint memories of this program I’ll definitely keep it mind for purchase seeing as how I so enjoyed Pat’s segments on the Smothers Brothers third season set. Don’t know how I managed to miss this announcement, but as always—many thanks to Gord Lacey and David Lambert for being the go-to guys when it comes to television favorites from the past and their debuts on DVD.

Finally, I’d like to send out a couple of blogiversary shout-outs: one to The Lightning Bug’s Lair, an eclectic and enjoyable blog devoted to cult, noir and horror movies. The Bug himself reveals on his one-year blogiversary the origin of his namesake (“From the moon, baby!”) but for anyone who’s a fan of J-Men Forever (1979) no further explanation was needed (“Shtay high!”). The really amazing news is that the best darn political satire weblog—with the possible exception of Bats Left, Throws Right—in the blogosphere is celebrating year six of publication since yesterday…I’m speaking, of course, of the ever-popular World O’Crap. The good people at World have always held a special place in my estimation because they were the first “rilly big blog” to link to this one, and I can honestly say it was a post at World that set the wheels in motion for me to create TDOY. So if you’re looking for a scapegoat, form a line (careful with those torches and pitchforks, angry mob!) to the left.


Hal said...

I am also a fan of THE PATTY DUKE SHOW and taped many episodes during the CBN run in the mid-1980's. I actually prefer the second season to the first; they had some fun guest stars as co-producer Peter Lawford managed to pull in Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra Jr. for episodes, and Chad and Jeremy also guested once.

The show really slid in Season 3 when they changed the arrangement of the theme song and moved the show to LA. Just didn't have the same feel, seemed tired by that point.

faustina said...

Congrats on the Honest Scrap award! And thanks for introducing me to another interesting blog (or possible two or three!). Keep up the good work, kid!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such themes. I like to read articles like this. Just add some pics :)