Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boy, is my face red…

Official TDOY cub reporter Larry Shell e-mailed me yesterday with an update on the Laramie box set he spotted at a New Jersey Sam’s Club the other day, and it appears that he confused this with the Laredo box set announced by yesterday. It’s an honest mistake, of course, and Larry is most apologetic for the error...or what he refers to as “a senior moment.”

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear also regrets the erroneous post, and I offer anyone who read it my maximum mea culpa. And I’m sure once Larry finishes his penance covering the Jon & Kate Plus 8 beat, he’ll be a bit more careful in the future.

In other news, Eddie Copeland asked me sometime back if I could whip up a little something commemorating the 40th anniversary of the television premiere of the classic family sitcom The Brady Bunch. You'll find it here if you're curious.

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