Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DVR-TiVo-Or whatever recording device strikes your fancy-alert!

Apologies for cutting this extremely close—but I just took a quick look at the TCM schedule for today and they’re programming another one of the Hal Roach Boy Friends comedies in about two hours; a 1931 two-reeler entitled Mama Loves Papa (the ninth in the short-lived series) directed by George Stevens and featuring Mickey Daniels, Mary Kornman, Grady Sutton and Gertie Messenger. My CharredHer schedule says it will commence about 10:57am EST and will run until 11:15. If you’re near your recording device, you’ll certainly want to grab it—if not, better luck next time. I’ve been fortunate to see a few of these shorts in the past and while they’re not all spectacular they’re certainly good for a chuckle or two. Again, sorry about the last minute heads-up!

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