Friday, September 25, 2009

Things were bad and that ain’t good announced yesterday that there is considerable grapevine buzz that the cult television comedy classic When Things Were Rotten—created by Mel Brooks and Norman Stiles—may be coming to DVD in 2010. The series, originally telecast on ABC in 1975 for a short while (there were thirteen episodes in toto, so if you blinked you probably missed it), has been a highly requested item for TV-on-DVD collectors; premise-wise, it was a spoof on Robin Hood starring Dick Gautier (as Robin), Dick Van Patten, Bernie Kopell, Misty Rowe, Henry Polic II and Ron Rifkin.

I’m sure I was just one person who comprised the show’s original viewing audience and while I remember the pilot as being falling-down funny, Rotten had difficulty sustaining its promise in subsequent outings. When the series was repeated on the Comedy Channel/Comedy Central/whatever-the-hell-they-were-calling-it-back-then, I watched a handful of the repeats and concluded that time hadn’t been kind to it all. But for those fans that still cherish the show, I’m glad to see that a DVD set is in the offing.

Also, in a sort of follow up to yesterday’s Laramie report, Timeless Media will be releasing a 12-disc set entitled Laredo: The Complete Series on November 24th, to the delight of those who shelled out the cabbage to buy the previously released four three-disc sets containing all fifty-six episodes of the NBC western originally telecast between 1965-67 (that would be Mr. Clevenger and myself). I know that in the past I have bestowed many a congratulatory kudo to the Timeless folks but they’re starting to emulate the weasel-like behavior of other companies who release these sets one season at a time and then decide to release a complete set, often replete with bonus material not available on the previous collections.

Oh, well…

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hobbyfan said...

In re.: "When Things Were Rotten". I remember watching this when it first came out. To think that Mel Brooks would revisit Robin Hood nearly 20 years later with "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", this initial satire was all but forgotten. I didn't have HA! (The Comedy Channel that would later morph into Comedy Central) at the time, and it sucks that Comedy Central doesn't have the cajones to pull this out of the vaults now. Even with the DVD release pending, the chances of "Rotten" showing up on cable are remote at best, unless you lead a petition drive.