Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talkin’ about my Generation…

We can now officially welcome in the month of October, because I’ve just spotted a post by The Retropolitan—and you know the old saw about having thirty more days of October if you see his shadow. (Or something like that—I may have it confused with another time of the year.) As always, the beginning of the month ushers in a brand-new Premier Collection from our good friends at First Generation Radio Archives, and…how’s that again? You say you went by the place this morning and there wasn’t any answer? Mail gone uncollected? Newspapers left in the yard? Bottles of milk piled up on the porch stoop? (Do they even deliver milk anymore?)

Well, it’s going to be a bit of a shock, I know—but the gang at FGRA have moved to a new address where there’s plenty of off-street parking…and I hear the schools are better. Plus, Harlan “The Voice” Zinck’s eldest and his wife (you know, the one with the hook and the dueling scar) and their brood have moved back in due to the economic downturn so they had to find a bigger place. All seriousness aside, the reason for the big First Generation move was explained in last month’s newsletter—FGRA has merged with the former Nostalgia Ventures (also known as Nostalgia Town), a small company that for many moons distributed the First Generation product. The original website ( has already merged with the new one, so if you’re curious as to how this turn of events came about, I went ahead and posted Harlan’s last And In Closing here so you may be brought up to speed. (I don’t know how many of you read the FGRA newsletter but judging by some of the scores from the last test I’m going to assume that number is in the high one-figures.)

So I’ve changed the FGRA links (that was fun), eliminated a few, and hopefully you can click onto any past First Generation link posted here at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear (the Blogger version—if you’re hoping to be able to do this over at the old Salon blog, let me save you the time by saying: “Don’t bother”) and be quickly escorted to the new site. This will take you to the new Premier Collection, a 10-CD set containing twenty thrilling episodes of exotic mystery and intrigue with Rocky Jordan, starring Jack Moyles as the titular character and Jay Novello as his Captain Louis Renault-like nemesis, Sam Sabaaya. Modesty prevents me from mentioning this…oh, to heck with modesty—I composed the liner notes for this one, and just as you could be sure if it’s Westinghouse, if it has the First Generation logo on the set it is guaranteed to be the finest quality product.

And in closing (that is kind of catchy, isn’t it?) I wish Harlan, Tom and all of the FGRA regulars the best of luck in their new (Nostalgia) venture (a little OTR humor there, nyuk nyuk nyuk) and would urge you to drop on by in your spare time to take a gander at what they have to offer—in addition to old-time radio collections, they also have the popular pulp fiction reprints of The Shadow and Doc Savage available, plus a whole lot more! Kudos and congratulations to the organization dedicated to “preserving radio’s past for the future!”

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Craig Zablo said...

Love the new header... maybe best ever!

faustina said...

Whoa... I had contacted Retropolitan just a week or so ago! I was cruisin' through Sam's blog, looking for his podcast, and Sam had thanked him for his review of the podcast. Turns out the man no longer had it - bad computer! - but he did have the courtesy to favor me with a reply. Nice!