Friday, October 16, 2009

“Tickets, please…thank you, sir…”

At the beginning of this month, I posted some information about the all-new First Generation Radio Archives and how they’ve undergone a major-league expansion with the organization by merging with Nostalgia Ventures. The “Premier Collection” for October was a 10-CD set of twenty Rocky Jordan broadcasts; allowing you a chance to listen to more Middle East intrigue and adventure with café owner/jack-of-all-trades Rocky Jordan (as voiced by Jack Moyles) and his love-hate relationship with Captain Sam Sabaaya (Jay Novello), Rocky’s friendly nemesis on the police force.

It is now mid-month, and Radio Archives has another brand-new Premier Collection to offer its clientele: a 10-CD set containing twenty broadcasts from Curtain Time—a dramatic anthology series heard in the late 30s and mid 40s that was very similar to the long-running The First Nighter Program. The concept of both shows was to present a half-hour comedy-drama in such a fashion that it recreated the experience of going to see a first-run play: arriving at the theatre, purchasing tickets, being shown to one’s seat, etc. First Nighter was the more popular of the two programs, but Curtain Time was certainly no slouch; at the height of its run it was a weekly staple on NBC from July 13, 1946 to March 29, 1950 and was sponsored by the Mars Candy company…makers of Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, M&Ms, Snickers, etc. One of the announcers on Curtain Time was a gentleman named Myron Wallace—who in later years became better known as Mike Wallace, one of the many reporters on the TV news program 60 Minutes.

Radio Archives also has two new additions in their library of pulp magazine reproductions—volume 31 of The Shadow, which contains the stories “The Dark of Death” and “House of Shadows,” and volume 30 of Doc Savage, spotlighting the tales “Quest of the Spider” and “The Mountain Monster.” Both of these Halloween specials are available for $12.95 each—so if you’re a fan of “The Knight of Darkness” and “The Man of Bronze” you’ll certainly want to add these editions to your collection.

As an inducement to new customers—or, if you’re not a stranger, a reward for being a loyal customer—Radio Archives is giving away a free 4-CD set (a $14.98 value) with each order you place. You can choose from comedy, westerns and famous guest stars—and each set is guaranteed to bring you hours of listening pleasure. So if you have a hankering to attend the thea-tah, grab yourself a copy of the brand new Curtain Time, Volume 1 today!

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