Friday, October 23, 2009

“Yes, please?”

Hearing about the passings of Vic Mizzy, Joseph Wiseman, Soupy Sales and Collin Wilcox has left me in a bit of a funk…so I turned to this classic bit o’television arcana to put me in a more cheerful mood:

There’s a story that goes with this. My good friend James Neibaur posted a classic TV clip of an exchange between Jack Benny and his nemesis Frank Nelson on Facebook, and when the YouTube clip was over, I saw a series of thumbnails touting other clips in a similar vein and believe you me, there was no mistaking the one with Dennis Day’s mug. There’s a serendipitous feel to all this—I just finished some liner notes for an upcoming Radio Spirits release that will not only contain some classic Benny broadcasts but shows spotlighting his cast, as well: Day, Phil Harris, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, etc. So it was nice to see this “reunion” between Dennis and his old boss—I guess he took the gas-pumping gig to supplement his salary from Benny.

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faustina said...

Sam would have loved this one! Thanks!