Friday, November 6, 2009

Great moments in cinematic idiocy #1

Collector finds unseen Charlie Chaplin film in tin sold for £3.20 on eBay

• Collector turns detective in search of movie's secret

• Lost war propaganda reel could be worth £40,000

Morace Park was footling around on eBay looking for antiques when he stumbled on an item that was listed casually as an "old film" – and even then he was really more interested in the tin it was in.

"It had a lovely look to it," said Park. But the contents of the battered container, which he bought for the princely sum of £3.20, have turned out to be a previously unknown film by Charlie Chaplin.

That disturbing noise you hear is the sound of the guy who sold this banging his head repeatedly against a wall.

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1 comment:

Jonas Nordin said...

Yay! What a brilliant find! The age of wonders has come!