Monday, November 2, 2009

Is there anything good on?

Because it’s been a while since I paid a visit to to see if there are any vintage television DVD releases in the hopper, I decided to put this quick post up to relay a few tidbits here and there. It was mostly prompted by an e-mail I’ve just received that addresses the issue of whether there will be a second season of The Patty Duke Show in the future—this little blurb confirms that all systems are go for Patty and Cathy’s sophomore year, as spotted on Shout! Factory’s bulletin board.

This press release confirms that Image Entertainment is working to bring all sixty-seven episodes of the classic horror/crime anthology Thriller to DVD in 2010—though the official release date has still not been set. Normally, I would be a little impatient that this release is so far away but since I would have to raise the necessary funds to acquire a copy I’m grateful for the lead time. (Besides, I do have—to use the words of my good friend Rick Brooks at Cultureshark—my “alternative” set in the meantime in case I’m jonesing for a Karloff fix. And yes, this has been a not-too-subtle plug for the Boris Karloff Blogathon, which kicks off November 23rd at a blog near you.)

The release of The Jerry Lewis Show: The Collection has been bumped again, this time to November 24th—so whoever had “11/24” in the pool, come on up and get the keys to your…ah, never mind…

There’s been a noticeable amount of gossip going around that the classic Robert Wagner spy series, It Takes a Thief, is headed for a release and TVShows announces that it’s not just that of the idle variety. For those of you with access to RTV (formerly RTN), you’ve probably seen reruns of this program (originally telecast on ABC-TV from 1968-70)—the WSB/RTV affiliate shows it at 11pm weeknights (with Night Gallery, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour following) and used to show it on Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm—though this may have since changed, I haven’t tuned in lately. I watched a few of these episodes in the beginning and I’ve got to be honest—the show hasn’t held up that well for me…your mileage, of course, may vary. I’d much rather be able to watch Wagner’s 1975-78 series Switch (with Eddie Albert, Sharon Gless and Charlie Callas).

And in closing, Timeless Media Group has announced that they will release Branded: The Complete Series to DVD in February 2010 (February 16th, to be more accurate); a six-disc set containing all forty-eight episodes of the cult western starring Chuck Connors. (Yes, I did a double-take when John Goodman’s Walter Sobchak mentions in The Big Lebowski [1998] that there were 156 episodes in the series. I’m that anal.) This really shouldn’t be considered a new release—Timeless released Seasons 1 and 2 in separate sets in 2004-05—but now you get the opportunity to have both seasons in the same package, secure in knowing that anytime you want to pull out a rerun to watch they’ve all been heavily edited. One would think that with a new version of the set steps would be taken to fix that problem, but Timeless swears that the episodes came from the only available copies syndicated by King World so I guess the full episodes have been lost in the woods of neglect. Tragic news, to be sure.

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basura said...

Whew. My ABC affiliate used to cut the Branded episode to 14 minutes on Saturday mornings at 445AM. I don't know if I can adapt to a fuller episode after all of these years.