Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One tin soldier rides away

It is with the deepest of regrets that Thrilling Days of Yesteryear must acknowledge the temporarily halt of one of its favorite weblogs, Edward Copeland on Film, which announced yesterday that it was going on “hiatus.” The term is usually used as a television euphemism for “death,” and to use it in an example sentence: “Community is going on hiatus? I sure hope you TiVoed that show, dude.”

Okay, I’m being a tad flippant here—hiatus does not always mean the death knell for a TV show…so I’m certainly not suggesting that this is the last we’ll hear from our esteemed colleague Mr. Copeland. It’s just that when a person who excels at cogent and crisp commentary on cinema, television and other subjects of this ilk is forced to take a break due to health issues, the blogosphere becomes a lonelier place—and from an area in which everyone and his brother has a blog, this is no laughing matter.

Ed asked me sometime back in April if I would consider writing an occasional essay for his blog to compensate for the times when his illness kept him on the sidelines—a request that I was a bit humbled to receive since he’s the first individual who’s ever asked me to contribute a “guest post” in the six years I’ve been flogging my blog (yes, that’s what the kids are calling it today…for the wisenheimers stampeding to the comments section). The great benefit to guest posting is that it inspires you to be a better writer—the rationale being “Well, I certainly don’t want to disappoint the host with a half-assed piece that normally I’d slap up on my blog without a second’s hesitation.” People who know me know that I can often be my own worst critic, but some of the essays I wrote for Edward—including retrospectives on White Heat (1949), North by Northwest (1959), The Twilight Zone and Monty Python’s Flying Circus—I consider to be among the best pieces I pounded out on this keyboard.

If you have a free minute, mosey on over to Ed’s and leave him a comment that lets him know you’re pulling for him to make a speedy recovery soon and that you’re marking off the days when he’ll return to the blogosphere hale and hearty. He’s an outstanding writer, and his contributions to the discussion of both classic and modern cinema will most certainly be missed.

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