Sunday, November 8, 2009

This sounds like a conversation at the 'rents...

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Pam said...

My conversations went something like this:
Mom: He's dead now.
Me: Yes.
Mom: He was married to [fill in the blank].
Me. Yes.
Mom: What just happened?
Me: [description of what just happened] Why don't we just watch the movie.
Mom: That one had a big scandal.
Me: Yes.
Mom: What happens next?
Me: Let's just watch and see.
Mom: She is dead now too.
Me: [silence]
Mom: Oh! I used to love him.
Me: [Silence]
Mom: How does it end?
Me: [Silence]
Mom: I thought you've seen this before. Don't you know how it ends?
Me: Mom...let's just watch the movie.
Mom: I am!!!
Dad: There's a WWII documentary on the History Channel.
Me: [sigh] Again?
Dad: It's about Normandy.
Me: Dad -- we know how the WWII ended.
Dad: It's in High Definition!

Moral of the story: 1. silence never stop it; 2. WWII was still a mystery.

PS: I lied about the high definition comment. My Dad died before HD. But, it is exactly what he would have said. The rest is a verbatim transcript of countless attempts at watching a movie with the 'rents.