Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have to confess that I haven’t paid much attention to RTV as of late—most of my TV viewing schedule consists of “whatever’s on TCM right now,” an occasional offering from CharredHer’s On Demand service (I watched The Dead Girl [2006] the other night—ambitious, but not quite the success it wants to be) and various and sundry discs from the voluminous (and still dusty) Thrilling Days of Yesteryear archives. So I was a bit surprised to see some new additions to our RTV affiliate’s (WSB-TV DT in Atlanta) lineup last night—particularly in the daytime schedule:


10:00a The Rifleman

10:30a The Jack Benny Show

11:00a Bachelor Father

11:30a McHale's Navy

12:00n Leave It to Beaver

12:30p Leave It to Beaver

01:00p Marcus Welby, MD

02:00p Emergency!

03:00p The Bold Ones

04:00p Kojak

05:00p Adam-12

05:30p Dragnet

06:00p Amen

06:30p Amen

07:00p Magnum, PI

08:00p Knight Rider

09:00p I Spy

10:00p The Rockford Files

11:00p It Takes a Thief

12:00m Peter Gunn

12:30p The Adventures of Robin Hood

01:00a Daniel Boone

The addition of The Rifleman eliminates one of the Jack Benny showings, and introducing I Spy, Peter Gunn, Robin Hood and Daniel Boone means that WSB staples The Incredible Hulk, Night Gallery, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour are gone (not sure if it’s for good or just a hiatus thing). I suppose the only program I will miss is Hitchcock Presents—although since Rick Brooks has pointed out a few times that RTV’s reruns rarely extend past the third season this is no big deal for me…I have the first three seasons on DVD anyway. (I also have the entire run of Hitchcock Hour, purchased from Finders Keepers a few years back.) I’d lament the loss of Night Gallery were it not for my indifference that syndication wasn’t kind to the series by cutting it up into half-hour segments. As for the Hulk…feh!

I’m glad to see I Spy and Peter Gunn have been added—the only drawback is that I already have the entire run of Spy on DVD (courtesy of Image Entertainment) and the first two seasons of Gunn, which were released in Region 2 editions across the pond. I’d like to see if I could tape the third season shows to complete the series but given RTV’s track record (speeding up the closing credits, showing episodes willy-nilly with little regard to broadcast order, etc.) I’ll probably take a pass.

As for Saturday and Sundays, there’s little to no change; the Leave It to Beaver reruns that ran on Saturdays from 10 to 11am have been replaced by The Adventures of Black Beauty (a UK series from 1972-74) at 10:30, and Offbeat Cinema has moved to Saturdays at midnight (it used to be on Sundays). WSB has also added Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In at 10:00pm—where I think they were showing Baa Baa Black Sheep/Black Sheep Squadron and the first of two Suspense Theaters (a.k.a. Crisis). Suspense Theater has been trimmed down to one showing and is now seen at midnight on Sundays.


10:30a The Adventures of Black Beauty

11:00p Wagon Train

12:00n Wagon Train

01:00p Alias Smith and Jones

02:00p Laredo

03:00p It Takes a Thief

04:00p Run For Your Life

05:00p RTN Mystery Theater

06:30p Dragnet

07:00p Airwolf

08:00p Airwolf

09:00p Mike Hammer

09:30p Mike Hammer

10:00p Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive-In

12:00m Offbeat Cinema


10:00a Operation Petticoat

10:30a Operation Petticoat

11:00p Wagon Train

12:00n Wagon Train

01:00p Alias Smith and Jones

02:00p Laredo

03:00p It Takes a Thief

04:00p Run For Your Life

05:00p Harry and the Hendersons

05:30p Harry and the Hendersons

06:00p The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo

07:00p Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

08:00p Voyagers!

09:00p Battlestar Galactica

10:00p Black Sheep Squadron

11:00p Black Sheep Squadron

12:00a Suspense Theatre

These are the series available to RTV affiliates that are not shown on WSB: The A-Team, Buck Rogers, The Cisco Kid, Delvecchio, Ellery Queen, Ironside, Kate and Allie, The Munsters Today, O'Hara: United States Treasury, Quincy, ME, Simon and Simon, Switch and The Virginian. If I had my druthers, I’d like to see WSB add Ironside, Quincy, Switch and Virginian—but I suppose you can’t have everything.

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hobbyfan said...

In Albany, Ivan, it's a decidedly different story. The schedule, as of 12/5:


10: Advs. of Black Beauty
10:30: Leave it to Beaver
11: Daniel Boone (EPIC WIN!)
12: Alias Smith & Jones
1: It Takes a Thief
2: Run For Your Life
3: Black Sheep Squadron
4: Rifleman
4:30: Peter Gunn
5: RTN Mystery Theatre (Sat)/Sheriff Lobo (Sun)
6: Voyagers (Sun)
6:30: Dragnet (Sat. unless the movie is 2 hrs)
7: Airwolf
8: Buck Rogers (Sat)/Hardy Boys (Sun)
9: Battlestar Galactica (Sat)/Operation Petticoat (Sun)
9:30: Mike Hammer (Sun)
10: Chiller Drive-In (Sat)/Offbeat Cinema (Sun)
Midnight: Suspense Theatre

Weekdays, as of 12/7:

10: Rifleman
10:30: Advs. of Robin Hood
11: Daniel Boone
12: Peter Gunn
12:30: Cisco Kid
1: Ironside
2: Marcus Welby, MD
3: Emergency!
4: Kojak
5: Adam-12
5:30: Dragnet
6: Incredible Hulk
7: Knight Rider
8: A-Team
9: Magnum, PI
10: Rockford Files
11: I Spy
12: Alfred Hitchcock Presents
12:30: Night Gallery

Off the Albany schedule: Laredo, Bold Ones, Bachelor Father, Wagon Train, Kate & Allie, McHale's Navy. "Thief" now only airs on weekends, as does "Beaver", and "Mike Hammer" is down to one show on Sundays, with "Petticoat" moving from 10 am to 9 pm on Sundays.

Personally, I'd rather see them add other Four Star shows like Honey West & Burke's Law in Albany.