Sunday, December 20, 2009

R.I.P, Connie Hines is reporting on its Facebook page that actress Connie Hines, best remembered by legions of television fans as Carol Post—the spouse of architect Wilbur Post (Alan Young), who owned the talking horse known as Mister Ed in the 1961-66 sitcom of the same name. I’ve not been able to locate an online obituary as of this posting, but according to TSOD this has been confirmed by Stu Shostak at Shokus (“Stu” being the host of the radio interview series Stu’s Show). She was 78.

Born in Dedham, MA on March 24, 1931, Hines’ future career, it could be said, was decided for her as her father was an acting coach/teacher in Boston and her mother an actress as well. She married at age 17 and with her husband moved to Miami to join a stock company (after proving herself both onstage and on radio), and after her divorce, later went to New York to study with the famed Helen Hayes Equity Group. By age 22 she had moved to California and rented an apartment, quickly finding work on an episode of the series Whirlybirds.

Hines considered her role as Mrs. Post as little more than a paycheck since the sitcom revolved more around the relationship between husband Wilbur and the chatty mare who spoke only to his master. Her movie resume was a bit thin (the IMDb lists only Thunder in Carolina [1960], a low-budget stock car racing film in which she co-starred with Rory Calhoun and Alan “Skipper” Hale, Jr.) but she was most assuredly a familiar face on the cathode ray tube with guest shots on series such as Bronco, The Millionaire, M Squad, Johnny Ringo, The Untouchables, Shotgun Slade, Perry Mason, Sea Hunt, Bonanza and The Mod Squad.

Hines retired from acting in 1971 and made occasional appearances at conventions alongside her television better half, Alan Young. Though her role on Ed was thankless, she and Young did have a marvelous chemistry and were good chums both on and off-screen.

R.I.P, Ms. Hines. You will be missed.

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Tom said...

I've not heard any news on this. Is this guy Stu legit? (I don't trust anything on Facebook!)

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...


Mark Evanier has confirmed this, and bestows legitimacy on Stu here.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing about it in the Dedham Transcript, her hometown rag....maybe they haven't received word as yet

nataliepauline said...

Connie was not yet 79. Her birthday was in March 24, 1931. She was 78 and still beautiful. I was with her when she died in peace Friday evening in her home surrounded by 6 women who loved her.
She was my sponsor and like a mother to me. May she rest in peace. Natalie

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...


Thanks very much for the updated information; I have made the necessary corrections.

And on behalf of myself and the blog, I am very sorry for your loss. She most assuredly will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I had the privilage of spending time with this fantastic lady. So so sad to hear that she has passed away. I spoke with Alan Young on Sunday and he was very upset at the lose of a true friend. She will be missed by many, she was amazing.

My Life said...

Hi, my parents graduated Dedham High with Connie Hines. It's in question her age. My dad was born in early 1930 my mom late 1929 and unless she started first grade at 4she too would have been born in 1930.

Murphy said...

Connie was indeed a fantastic lady. We became friends in 1978, and although I left California 8 years later, we stayed in touch. I last saw her in 1997 when my husband and I had lunch at her home in Dana Point. Her wonderful smile was genuine. Her heart was kind. I will always miss her, but I can still hear her calling my name "Annie". She was one of the few people who called me that. My name is Anne.