Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Points of interest

I caught this obit over at Bill Crider’s yesterday but for some reason or another didn’t see fit to mention it until today—Jean Carroll, one of the true pioneers of female stand-up comedy, has gone on to her rich reward at the age of 98, having passed on January 1 in a hospital in White Plains, NY.

Regrettably, I have only a passing familiarity with Jean’s work—I was aware that she appeared in a 1953 situation comedy during television’s Golden Age entitled Take It From Me (aka The Jean Carroll Show) which featured Alan Carney (of R-K-O’s Brown and Carney, who—despite Jim Neibaur’s insistence—are not funnier than the Ritz Brothers) as her typical TV bumbling husband and Lynn Loring (later seen on Fair Exchange and The F.B.I.) as their daughter. I have seen Carroll in a Thriller episode entitled “The Storm” but that’s pretty much it (she also has a small part in Robert Aldrich’s The Legend of Lylah Clare [1968]). One thing I was tickled to learn from the Times obit was that she wrote many episodes of the OTR soap Our Gal Sunday from 1945 to 1959.

R.I.P, Ms. Carroll. You will be missed.

Anthony Balducci has a nice bit up on his blog that makes a convincing argument as to why you should purchase the new Three Stooges Collection on DVD. And referencing Mr. Neibaur again, he was nice enough to point out this column by the New York Times’ Dave Kehr as to why classic movie fans might want to wait before taking the Blu-Ray plunge.

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Tom said...

Thanks for posting this. I didn't know about her.