Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well, if you bitch about something long enough, something will eventually happen…

In June 2005, Universal Home Video released the first season of Dragnet: 1967 to DVD and like a dutiful Joe Friday fan, I quickly snapped up a copy for the dusty Thrilling Days of Yesteryear archives. I watched all seventeen episodes and anxiously awaited the arrival of Season 2 (or Dragnet: 1968, as it was originally called during its run).

But alas, the second season was not to be. Universal made it clear that the sales of the Dragnet revival’s first year were pretty dismal and, ergo, a follow-up would not be forthcoming any time soon. Faithful TDOY readers are no doubt familiar with the fact that I have been pissing and moaning about this for a good many years now.

So to prove that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, the folks at Shout! Factory have picked up where the people at Universal left off (a not-uncommon occurrence) and—according to—will release the second season of the 1960s camp crime drama classic on July 6th (the set will contain all twenty-eight episodes from the sophomore season). Naturally, this news has made me very happy and as such, I will do my best to hold back the snark when discussing some of the other upcoming TV-on-DVD releases in this post.

Shout! Factory is also going to finish out the 1969-71 run of The Bill Cosby Show with the release of the sitcom’s second season April 20th. The only cloud to this silver lining, however, is that the Cos set is part of the company’s online exclusive program, so you won’t get the opportunity to shop around and get price comparisons. So all you Cosby completists will have to fork over $39.99 (plus s&h) and believe me, you have my sympathy.

MPI has delayed the release of The Mothers-in-Law to later this year, but you certainly can’t accuse them of goldbricking when it comes to Here’s Lucy, whose third season will hit the streets June 15th. has the skinny on the bodacious extras that will be included with the set—which includes one of the series’ all-time funniest episodes, the one where Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding ring gets stuck on Lucy’s finger. (This episode has been released before, on Shout! Factory’s Best-Loved Episodes collection.)

CBS DVD-Paramount will release My Three Sons: Season 2, Volume 2 on June 15th. Since I promised to behave myself, I won’t say anything more.

Finally, a series long sought out by vintage TV collectors will be winging its way to DVD—though not in the fashion that everyone expected. announces that the first season of the crime drama chestnut Highway Patrol—starring Broderick “10-4, 10-4” Crawford—will be released to disc as part of MGM’s MOD (manufacture-on-demand) program. I took a look at some of the titles available through this program and there’s a few—Cold Turkey (1971), The Landlord (1970), The Best Man (1964), Between the Lines (1977)—that I wouldn’t mind adding to the dusty TDOY archives…but my current state of finances vetoed that notion pretty darn quick. Flipper fans who were hungry for more adventures with “King of the Sea” will be stoked to learn that not only will the complete second season (1965-66) will be released but the 1995 revival series (Flipper: The New Adventures)—with some dame named Jessica Alba—will be made available as well.

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Laura said...

Great news on DRAGNET. My boys have been waiting for that to show up *forever*!! At least they've had ADAM-12 and EMERGENCY in the meantime. :)

Best wishes,

Tom said...

Though I've listened to lots of Dragnet radio programs, I never saw a TV episode. Will have to check them out.

I remember watching the 1987 feature film parody which starred Dan Akroyd and Tom Hanks. Diplomatically speaking, I was not a fan of it.

Stacia said...

The good news is that TCM shows "The Best Man" with regularity, and they showed "The Landlord" this winter as well.

Thank goodness for the Shout Factory, although thus far I have had quality control issues with several of their disks. "The Stepfather" has a lot of flickering, and there is always 1 MST3K disk in the sets with something messed up. The most recent release has 2 disks with problems. Ah, well, you can't have everything.

TIM said...

I cannot understand why every TV
sitcom very made has to be put out
on DVD. Shout Factory used to be
like an exculsive club that only
let in the finest of the fine
be released like the Bill Cosby
show, Freaks & Geeks, Ozzie &
Harriet, Electric Company, That
girl, & The Lucy Show. Shows
that were lost or rarely seen.
Now it's every other bad show
ever made: Punky Brewster, Patty
Duke, Here's Lucy. Where is the
creative process here?